Must- visit Destinations in Chuncheon.

It is quite easy to travel to Chuncheon from Seoul. You can take ITX train connecting Seoul and Chuncheon at Yongsan station or Cheongnyangni Station. It takes about an hour to reach Chuncheon.

So, where should we travel in Chuncheon?

  1. Nami Island

The hottest place in Chuncheon is Nami Island which is 63 km away from Seoul. Nami Island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. It take about 30 minutes to travel to Nami from the center of Chuncheon. Since it is not far from Seoul, many couples and families frequently visit here.

For more details about one-day tour in Nami Island:

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  1. Jade Garden

Jade Garden, created under the theme of ‘Small Europe in the Forest,’ is located near Jade Palace Golf Club on a plot of land measuring 160,000 square meters. You can take Shuttle bus from Gulbongsan Station to Jade Garden at 10:45-16:45, 1 hour interval (Bus departing at 12:45 available on Weekends & Holidays only)


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  1. Kim yu jeong Station

Kim yu jeong Station (formerly Sinnam Station) is a railway station on the way from Cheongnyangni to Chuncheon. It is named after Kim yu jeong, one of Korea’s leading short story novelists was born in Sille Village in Sindong-myeong, Chuncheon and built in a form of Korean traditional house. If you want to go there, don’t take ITX, Take a train from Sangbong Station (Subway Line 7, Jungang Line) to Chuncheon.


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  1. Santorini Coffee shop

Santorini is a traditional Italian restaurant with a luxurious interior. During the warmer seasons, tables are placed on a green grassy field allowing customers to dine outside while enjoying the fine weather and scenery.


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5. Romantic Soyang lake

Soyangdam is the largest rock filled dam in Asia. As the waterway is used to bridge cities together, Soyangho Lake which is the largest artificial lake in Korea is called ‘the sea inside the land.’ In Soyang Lake, there is the largest fishing farm called the fresh-water fish museum because more than 50 kinds of fresh-water fish such as cyprinus carpio nudu, trout, carp, eel, and smelt live here.

You can take boat to sightseeing the lake and go to Cheongpyeongsa Temple with 6,000 won for round-trip.

From Chuncheon Station, take bus 12-1 to Soyang Dam or bus 11, 12-1 from Namchuncheon Station.

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  1. Sky walk

The Soyanggang Sky Walk stretches across Chuncheon Uiamho Lake to the fish statue in the middle of the lake, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of walking above water. All visitors must put on protective shoe covers when entering, in order to protect the glass floor from scratches.

Operating period: From July 8, 2016 / 09:00-18:00 (Vary according to sunset timing daily)

During summer season, last admission is at 20:30.

Take bus from Chuncheon Station for about 13-minutes


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  1. Cheongpyeongsa Temple & Waterfall

Cheongpyeong Temple became more widely known with the opening of Soyang Dam and Waterway in 1973. A thirty-minutes walk from the dock, the temple stands on the southern ridge of Obongsan Mountain.

Guseong Waterfall stands right next to the path and the water falls from the upright stone. Beyond the waterfall is an artificial pond ‘Yeongji’. In the pond there are three big stones, and between those stones reeds were planted to reflect the pasture of Obongsan Mountain. Walk further down Yeongji pond and Cheongpyeongsa Temple can be seen. The path to Cheongpyongsa Temple is a pretty walkway surrounded by the woods and a clean valley.

Across from Chuncheon Station, take Bus 11 or 12 to Soyang Dam (소양강댐).
From Soyang Dam Dock, take a ferry to Cheongpyeongsa Temple (청평사).
Cheongpyeongsa Temple (청평사) is a 30min-walk from the dock.


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