Must-Try Rides & Tips on Lotte World Theme Park in Seoul


Must-Try Rides & Tips on Lotte World Theme Park in Seoul

Looking for the theme park in Seoul?
Why not visit the biggest indoor theme park Lotte World in Seoul?
It is the must go-to theme park in Korea !

Where is it?

The park is located in eastern Seoul and is the most accessible theme park in South Korea as it is fully accessible through Jamsil Station on subway line 2. Also, you can go shopping to the Lotte World Mall after enjoying !

Now Indiway’d love to give you some tips and must-try rides of Lotte World !

Some tips on Lotte World 

Tip 1. The best day to visit Lotte World

According to the statistics, the fewest days of the week were Tue, Wed and Thursday. However, the information can be changed anytime depends on the situation.)

Tip 2. Easiest way to Magic Island

If you want to enjoy the rides first, Move to the  >>>South entrance<<<
1. Get off at Jamsil Station (Line2, Line8)
2. Head towards Exit 3 , Lotte Department store
3. Go straight for 2 min then turn right to the South Gate Entrance.


Tip 3.  “Lotte World Adventure Magic Pass”

Use the app to reserve your Fast Pass and skip the long lines of popular attractions. You can enjoy your favorite ride for every 15 min. In order to use Magic Pass, you should prepare Magic Pass independently. You can download the app, or you can get a Magic Pass ticket from the machine installed in front of the particular attraction.

Download the app ‘Magic Pass’

Adroid – Click ! 
IOS – Click !

How to use the app?  

Click here for more details !

Best Tour for kids 

Kidzone > Magic Island >  Balloon ride > Cinderella’s castle


The Bumping Jesters
Who wants to ride cute cars ? It can be their good chance for enjoying the ride.

Boong Boong Car
Save Hansel and Gretel who are captured by the witch!

Swing Pang Pang
It is full of fun to bounce up and down vigorously to celebrate the visit to the new world !

Jumping Fish
Enjoy the water travel with some adorable fishes! Passing by the huge clams, you can see various fish friends.

Fairytale Theater
Let’s see the amazing show “Sergio’s Magic show” and children’s musical “Hansel and Gretel”!

Fantasy Dream
Take a short train dead to the fantasy land where cute animal dolls welcome you!

Petit Pang Pang
Ride a European classic car and travel around the lake shore with Lotty !

Ballon Ride
Ride a balloon full of hope and happiness

Cinderella’s Castle



a. Atlantis 

The train slowly leaves the station and goes straight to the launch track. Accelerate from 0 to 46.6 mph within 1.5 seconds – metric reader, ~75 kph. The train reaches its full speed . In the dark, it suddenly climb up the huge tower cap with a maximum inclination of 85 degrees. The top makes Atlantis Adventure one of the roller coasters from zero to climax in just a few seconds. The train makes a 180 degree turn in the cave, and not too long before the riders hits the magnetic lift hill. While climbing slowly, the riders look around the whole view of the Lotte World under them.


b. Comet Express

The good thing about this ride is the cool indoors. It is easy to explain if you have ever been to Disneyland. Because it’s like a ghostly mansion ride, but faster. Seats spin around in spherical carts for pairs, so you can see the faces of your neighbors when riding sometimes.


c. Gyro Swing

Gyro swing is a powerful and special ride that catches the eyes of passengers. The ride combines strong expectations with the feeling that the rider can actually “fly.” The seating arrangement greatly increases the ride quality as passengers freely sit with their legs hanging in the air. Shaking pendulum motion, combined with comfortable rotational speed and, most importantly, stationary seating arrangements, all create a sensational flight feel.


d. Gyro Drop

The 40 riders is raised along the vertical rail by a hoist connected to a strong electric motor of 562 kw. The hoist rises in a straight line and the occupant in a circular motion. Hoist’s maximum height is 70 meters, which is equivalent to the 25th floor of an apartment building. When it reaches the summit, it suddenly pauses to remove energy from the hoist’s ascent and the original movement of the ride. And if the rod-shaped cylinder attached to the hoist pushes the occupant down, the two hooks hanging the occupant free fall. At this time, the free fall distance is 35 meters, the fall time is 2.5 seconds and the fall speed is 94 km/h.


e. The Conquistador

Feel the tension on a Spanish colonial pirate-themed ship that is rocking you back and forth toward the park ceiling !!!!

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