Muslim Friendly Foods In Korea

If you are planning to stay near Itaewon you won’t face any problem looking for halal food. Itaewon is filled with halal restaurants, especially among the road heading to Seoul Grand Mosque. This post will be focusing on halal restaurants and muslim friendly food outside of Itaewon. While it is more difficult to find halal restaurants outside of Itaewon, it is not impossible. In addition to halal restaurants there are still many other options.



Vegetarian Restaurants

These are restaurants that serve vegetarian/vegan meals exclusively or have a separate vegetarian menus.

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

These are restaurants that have one or two vegetarian options. Some have seafood options like prawns.

Seafood Restaurants

The riskier option. While all seafood is halal, other ingredients used may be of not permissible sources. Most Muslim travel agencies will take you to seafood restaurants but they probably have Korean speaking guide to instruct the restaurant servers. In backpacking case you have to tell them yourself that meat and chicken should not be put inside.

Here are some menus that are less likely to have the ingredients above and should be safe to order:

MaeWoonTang / 매운탕 – Spicy Fish Stew

Sundubu Jigae / 순두부 찌개 – Hot & Spicy Soft Tofu Stew

Saengseon Gui / 생선구이 – Grilled Fish

Saengseon Jeon / 생선전 – Pan-fried Fish Fillets

Haemul Paejeon / 해물파전 – Seafood Pancake

Even if the ingredients for menus above show only seafoods are used, some restaurants may put beef inside the stews for stock. Make sure to tell them not to. This site list very few seafood restaurant, but you can just walk in to any seafood restaurants you found or hail a taxi and ask them to bring to nearest seafood restaurant. Try looking for this sign: 해물 (Seafood).

Fast food Restaurants

Many muslim must have experienced just buying french fries in fast food restaurants at that moment of hunger in foreign countries due to no halal restaurants nearby. Fortunately fast food restaurants nowadays have seafood menus in addition to their usual dishes. Fast food restaurants in Seoul are not exempted. Vegetarian pizza and shrimp burgers are among some dishes that Muslims can buy from outlets of KFC, Lotteria and Mr. Pizza.

We hope this entry will be beneficial for travellers looking for permissible meals in Korea.

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