Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival

Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal (tea cup) Festival will be held in the area of Mugyeongsaejae in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The festival will have thematic events with a story about pottery makers throwing clay on the potter’s wheel.

Mungyeong also features Mangdaengi, the oldest kiln in Korea. The festival aims to retain its identity as the top place for traditional ceramics and also spread its reputation across the country as the birthplace of tea culture.

Activities you can participate in include: Making of ceramics, Drawing Chasabal, Kline-firing, QR Chasabal State Examination, Finding pearl in the mud, Pounding the elasticity of injeolmi, Tea ceremony, Accumulating Chasabal, Receiving Chasabal Yeopjeon, Chasabal Face painting, Writing of wishes on pottery, Spinning-wheel with feet, and etc.

Admission/Participation Fees:
Adult – 5,000 won;
Teen and Children – 3,000 won

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Mungyeong (문경).
* Bus schedule: 06:30-20:00, 20-70 min intervals / Travel time: 2 hours
– From Mungyeong Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 100 to Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park (문경새재도립공원).

The festival aims to improve the regional culture and make Mungyeong a traditional Korean cultural brand as well as strengthen the bond of the local community, enjoy the festival!


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