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 The 20th MUJU Firefly Festival

  • Subject : “Light of Nature, Light of Life, and Light of Future”
  • Period : September 1 (Saturday) ~ September 9, 2018 (Sunday) / 9 days
  • Event Places: The whole area of Muju (Traditional craft culture town, Jinam Park, Southern Daecheon, Bandi Land)
  • Major Events : Nature experience event, cultural & art & play program, folk experience, food program, other related programs
  • Slogan : “Muju love song resonates with light”
  • Concept : Made in Muju


The annual Muju Firefly festival is a week long event where fireflies are the main attraction- but even better, it is such a beautiful and untouched part of South Korea that nature lovers are highly recommend to visit this area!

As one of the top summer festivals in South Korea and definitely amazing festival to attend in Korea, Muju Firefly Festival

Muju is also famous for a skiing destination, but the 2016 Muju Firefly Festival gives you a new a unique way to enjoy the destination!

During the festival there are many exciting events and activities to enjoy, from dance performances to talent shows, martial arts and taekwondo to river rafting and a variety of theatre.


You can also have some more hands on activities like catching trout in the river, and also eating! You can enjoy a lot of regional products and specialties like ginseng, teas, local wines, and other types of Korean food!

How do I enjoy the fireflies? 

Local Hint! In order to enjoy the firflies, you have to pay 5,000 Korean won and be taken into the valley, away from the city and the lights. It is a 10 minute bus ride, and a wonderful experience!

For the less adventurous there is always Bandiland, a well-curated museum with an indoor firefly exhibit where a handful of the local celebrities buzz around in a darkened room. Bandiland, which translates simply to “firefly land,” is also home to one of the world’s most impressive insect collections. Entomology fans, this is the place for you.

How to get to Muju Firefly Festival

The best way to travel is from the Seoul City Bus Terminal (서울 남부 터미널) and take a direct bus to Muju City Bus Terminal (무주공용버스터미널)


There is one bus that will take you straight for 13,400 won per trip, per person!


You will need to take the bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, which is located just outside of the Line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Metro station.


There are not that many buses that travel to Muju, so we recommend you take the morning one and book in advance.


As you can see, the Muju Firefly Festival location is just right outside the Muju bus terminal! It is actually in walking distance!


As you can see, there are also not that many buses to return from Muju- the best option is to spend one night at Muju! That way you will be able to enjoy the festival to its full glory!

What to eat in Muju

Muju is a very green and mountainous region, which makes it very popular for healthy vegetables and herbs from the mountain.


Sanchae Bibimbap

Rice with some assorted vegetable mixtures is a food which is cooked by putting the sesame oil mixture of more than 10 kinds of assorted wild vegetables, such as some woodwind reeds, bracken, edible shoots long with some boiled rice in a bowl.

It  is much healthier than normal bibimbap because it contains a lot of mountain herbs and vegetables, and it is a lot more fragrant also!


Sanchae Jeongsik

Jeongsik means set menu, and so Sanchae Jeongsik is a set menu which contains a lot of special wild herbs and vegetables from the mountain, with very little seasoning. It is quite a fragrant and unique flavor, and made up a lot of small dishes!

In addition to rice, vegetables and side dishes, you will also get a soy bean paste stew, so be sure to try out this amazing set meal once!




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