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The best way to beat the summer heat is to have fun!

What better place than in one of South Korea’s popular destinations, BUSAN?


Visit Haeundae Busan!

Haeundae Beach is located in the East of South Korea, and is very popular with both Koreans and foreigners alike! It is VERY BUSY in the summer, so be sure to book your accommodation in advance!

Haeundae beach is 1.5 km long and about 30 – 5o metres wide with golden sand. The beach is packed with people in July and August. On record days, 1 million people visit the beach.


How to get to Haeundae

If one get to visit Busan, Haeundae beach is definitely one of the Must-see places !!!  Wide, clean and beautiful beach!

Haeundae Map 2.jpg

How to get there? Not difficult at all. You can take subway line 2 and get of at Haeundae station, exit 5. From there you walk for around 400 meters, and there you will see the beach.

Haeundae Map 1

The name of the beach “Haeundae” is given by a scholar Choi Si Won since Silla Kingdom period. The beach is around 1.5 kilometer long and 30-50 meters wide. So you can really enjoy walking along the beach with the beautiful scenery of the sea.

The best period to visit is during June – the beginning of September. So, for those who planned to visit Korea during the summer, Haeundae would be one of your best options for memorable experiences in Korea.

The beach is one of the most famous beaches as well as the most popular vacation destinations even among Koreans. There are numbers of festivals and events going on throughout each year, such as movie talks, religious events and Busan International Film Festival. There are many accommodations nearby since the beach is surrounded by residency areas.

Things to do at Haeundae



Located close to Haunedae is the Yonggungsa Water Temple, which is one of the few temples that are located on the coast rather than somewhere high in the mountain! It is not located at Haeundae beach itself, but it is a close taxi ride away!

Busan Aquarium

One of the most interesting places to take your family! It is located exactly on Haeundae Beach, and a great place to get closer to what lies under the sea!

Dalmaji Hill

This is a very romantic hill called “Moon Viewing Hill” in Korea, and it is located on the Eastern point of Haeundae beach! You can get some of the best views of the beach from here, and the walk itself is very interesting! There are a lot of art galleries, so why not make it a full experience?

Shinsegae Department Store + Spa Land

Considered the biggest department store in Korea, check it out if you want to do some shopping! You can also experience “Spa Land”, which is an experience in itself!It is supposed to be one of the biggest spas in Asia!





1Haeundae Beach

2Nurimaru APEC House

3Sampo Esplanade

4Dongbaek Park

5Moontan Road

6Galleries at Haeundae Dalmajigil Road

7Busan Yachting Center

8Shinsegae Centum City Ice Link

9Busan Aquarium

10IBK Jump Theater

11Busan Cinema Studios


13Busan Museum of Art

14Shinsegae Spa Land

15Paradise Outdoor Hot Spring

16Besta Hot Spring



19Fuzzy Navel


21Paradise Casino Busan

22Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Branch

23Chengsapo Raw Fish Street

24Mipo Raw Fish Street

25Pojangmachachon Badamaeul

26The Sea Eel Alley in HaeundaeMarket

27Sogogi Kukbap Street




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