A new place located in Sinchon, called MOIST, LIGHT&WHITE. after this space will also have mini-concert, midnight bookstore, Independent Publishing Bookstore etc. How exciting

The first one it’s brand ‘LANEIGE’ have provided experience for new product ‘Cream skin’.

This is a mist room, You can try how’s the feel is surrounded by mist. especially the weather is coming to dry, stay in here it’s not just your skin also the hair become moist.


Be careful don’t step on the little balls which at the outside. This little art room is full of mirrors, who like to take photos must take photos with friends here!

Everyone came here can try the gashapon. open it can use inside the small note to change 5ml or 50ml ‘Cream skin’ simple at the counter. 50ml is a small bottle, how lucky can get that.

open the simple of 5ml, you can see the two pieces of cotton pads. it’s thick type toning lotion, you can put on cheeks and stay around 2 mins is very suitable for autumn and winter to moisturizing.

In addition, it is also recommended that you try to pinch this, and there is a place to wash your hands, don’t worry!

Can play and take pictures, also can get samples for free. If you have time, why not go to look around and experience it.

LANEIGE event will until the end of Oct.

ADD : 28-1, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

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