Meet Seoul’s New Landmark – 24/7/365 Skygarden Seoullo 7017!

You might have noticed the overpass road next to the Seoul Station if you’ve been to Seoul before. This overpass was built in 1970 and deteriorated over time that it started facing safety issues for vehicle traffic.

However, instead of tearing it down, Seoul has chosen a more innovative and people-friendly way to change the ‘road for cars’ into a ‘road for people’!

Seoullo 7017‘ was named after ‘Seoul’ and ‘lo’, meaning road in the Korean language, ’70’ indicates the overpass was firstly built in 1970, and ’17’ represents the year 2017, when it is freshly reopened as a new tourism landmark of Seoul.

Full Map of Seoullo 7017

The former overpass way was now completely turned into a beautiful botanic garden!! Connecting total 17 pathways leading to all kinds of attractions in the center of Seoul, Seoullo 7017 also has tourists center, library, souvenir shops, flower shops, stages for all year round performace, and of course, Cafes selling Korean food and desserts!

Seoullo 7017 in A Bright Day

The real skygarden of Seoul features 24,000 something plants of 228 species in 645 uniquely designed flower pots and tree pots, each of which was thoughtfully planned with labels.

Treepot on Seoullo 7017

Treepot on Seoullo 7017

Treepot on Seoullo 7017

Among the bloomings and greens, you can find many more interesting stuffs hiding on the road, no matter it is a peek hole allowing you to observe the cars running below you, or a huge art installation made of thousands of shoes. You might also run into various live performances if lucky!

See-through Glass Floor on Seoullo 7017

The ‘Shoes Tree’ Installation at Seoullo 7017

After enjoying the garden and art exhibitions, don’t rush to leave because the most beautiful moment of Seoullo 7017 is after the night falls. Wait until the city puts on its lights and noens, what you are about to see on Seoullo 7017 at night is going to be the most stunning view of Seoul!

Night View of Seoul Station

Night View of Seoullo 7017

Night View from Seoullo 7017

Night View from Seoullo 7017

Night View from Seoullo 7017

Can’t wait to visit Seoullo 7017 now? Here are some recommended courses:

Cheongpa-Hyochang Course (approx. 1hr)
Level of Difficulty: ⭐
You can see: the oldest small alleys and old Korean lifestyle from National Theater, the old Ant Supermarket, Malli Market, Seongwoo Barbershop, and Hyochang Park in memorial of the crown prince Munhyo

Jungnim-Chungjeong Course (approx. 2hrs)
Level of Difficulty: ⭐⭐
You can see: old Korean shops, hospitals and unique architectures, such as Yeomcheongyo(Bridge) Handmade Shoes Street, Yakhyeon Catholic Church, St. Joseph Apts., Imyeongnae Plaster Room, and Chungjeong Tower

Namsan Mountain-Hoehyeon Course (approx. 2hrs)
Level of Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐
You can see: Culture Station Seoul 284, Namdaemun Church, Seoul Square Garden, Baekbeom Plaza of Namsan Mountain, ancient Seoul Fortress Wall and the ancient Sungnyemun Gate

Integrated Seoul Station Course (approx. 3hrs)
Level of Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
You can see: all surroundings of Seoul Station including Culture Station Seoul 284, Namdaemun Church, Baekbeom Plaza, the ancient Seoul Fortress Wall, Sungnyemun Gate, Yeomcheongyo(Bridge), Yakhyeon Catholic Church, Son Kee Chung Athletic Park, Mallijae-ro, Ant Supermarket and the National Theater


Check out the report by Arirang News to know more about the past and now of Seoullo 7017.

Opens: 24hrs, 365 days

Entrance of Seoullo: About 500m from Subway Line 2&5 Chungjeongno(Kyonggi University) Station Exit 5
Entrance(opposite end) of Seoullo: Subway Line 4 Heohyeon(Namdaemun Market) Station Exit 4 & Exit 5



*Info & Pics from Seoullo7010, blogger 파란연필산야바다유후70

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