Meet Angel-in-us’ delicious drink, the Americcino!

The Cheeky Angel, Angel-in-us

Launched in 2000, Angel-in-us is one of the most famous coffee brand chains in South Korea! You can find one in almost every popular district, and they have a signature mascot rather like Starbucks in the shape of a cheeky angel! (Doesn’t it seem like the angel is daring you to come in, sit down, and have a drink?)

Introducing (belatedly) the Americcino, before it gets too cold!


Are you like us and addicted to coffee? Koreans love to drink coffee whether it is morning, day and night, and you can often find 24 hour cafes with students and career professionals camped out working through the early hours, and also stylish men and women having a cup of coffee or tea instead of visiting a bar!

While the weather is starting to get cold in Korea, and soon it will be too cold to enjoy a good ice-coffee, we thought we could recommend the Americcino while it is still (a little bit) warm!


See, doesn’t it look like the cheeky angel is eyeing our drink?


The Americcino is 4,900 Korean won and only comes in one size, but it is a very large size! We were a little bit disconcerted ordering this, because it felt like we were drinking a beer in the early hours of the day! An espresso cream coffee in Korean, they ice blend it (somewhat) so that you get a frothy layer on top, rather like the head of a beer!


It starts off with this beautiful gradient that is rather like a hot macchiato, but if you give it some time it separates into two layers- the americano iced coffee and a layer of foam!

It comes sweetened and unsweetened, we asked for the sweetened flavor because we needed that extra kick to our day- sugar and caffeine is a wonderful combination! It tastes like a normal americano, but we think the presentation is a wonderful way of jazzing it up just a little bit.

So if you are in dire need of your next caffeine fix, what about visiting Angel-in-us and having a glass of their Americcino?

We might not be able to convince you 100%, but maybe the commercial can!

Let’s grab an Americcino together today!

Visit their official website to find the closest store near you!

What about following them on facebook to keep yourself update?

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