Mark your schedule for Korea’s Bangeo Festival in November!

Yellowtail Fish Festival in Jeju-do! 


Period: 11.12.2015 ~ 11.15.2015

Location: Hamo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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Every November in Moseulpo Park, the southernmost region of Jeju-do, thee is a Bangeo Fish festival! Bangeo is a yellow tail fish that is very, very popular with Koreans as well as tourists, and tastes delicious when it is served in many different ways!

If you are visiting Korea during November, what about heading down to Jeju-do and attending this festival? You can enjoy fresh bangeo at the festival, and then pack some up to take home!


Programs held during the Festival:

  • Stage events:
    A ritual to wish for a big catch, fireworks, singing competition,etc.

Hands-on programs:
Catching bangeo fish (yellowtail) with bare hands, tuho (a game where players throw sticks into a canister), magic and bubble magic show, etc.

Permanent events:
Specialty products market, local specialty restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.

Additional events:
Cooking with bangeo fish (yellowtail), bangeo raw fish sampling, face painting, photo zone, raw fish take-out center, drawing contest, etc.

Photo Courtesy of Visit Korea


Bangeo-hwoe is raw yellowtail fish served sliced for you to dip into either spicy Korean chilli sauce or in soy sauce! Depending on which restaurant you go to, they may even serve it to you like sashimi!


Bangeo Noodles is slices of raw fish with vegetables, cold noodles dressed in spicy chilli paste sauce and all mixed together. It is delicious, and spicy! What a great way to beat the cold weather than by eating something like this?


And a Korean classic (and favorite!) spicy and hot Maeuntang! Korean fish stew that is made with the fresh bangeo that you caught, it is a great way of ending the meal!

Photos Courtesy of Jespisode


Photos Courtesy of Jejumall

So let’s visit Jeju-do together!

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