Mapo BBQ Alley


In addition to the previous post about Korean BBQ, we wanna introduce an area in Seoul which is very famous for BBQ restaurants. It is called ‘Mapo Jumulreok/Galbi Golmok(alley)’ and it has been loved as an affordable BBQ dinning destination for decades.

There are many famous BBQ restaurants and people expect BBQ dishes as good taste as luxury restaurants at much affordable price. That’s why this area has been crowed for such a long time!

The history of Mapo Jumulleok/Galbi Alley goes back to the late half of 1950s from when charcoal roasted Jumulreok and charcoal Galbi houses appear to have moved in to Mapo by ones and twos. And the recipe has gradually developed such as to boast of its unique taste. Quite a few natives and foreigners visit here to enjoy neat tastes of Mapo Jumulreok and Galbi. The place is well known for its foodstuffs.

Read this ‘easy to follow’ guide and why don’t you head to Mapo for affordable but so nice Galbi and Jumulleok? Authentic Korean restaurant’s loud atmosphere is a bonus. ^ ^

We are sorry if you don’t it port because most of restaurants on this alley is specialized for pork BBQ.


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