“Mango Waffle” MUST TRY IN KOREA

Origins of the waffle sensation in Korea, Started from Samcheong-Dong, Beans Bins 1st store
Beansbins is the original Korea domestic cafe brand  which has introduced waffle in Samcheong-dong
first time. On the basic of high level of customer royalty & recognition, 50 BeansBins strore become
local attraction
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                            The other famous menu that Beansbins Provide

My own opinion: 
Personally I don’t like cream waffle but after having “Beansbins coffee & Premium Mango Waffle” (☆_☆)
it’s seem to be a right & good combination!!! The waffle is crunchy yet the mango taste real good so does the cream(≧∇≦)
The MUST TRY waffle

                 More Choice of their’s waffle

The Beanbins coffee shop that I went is located at “Samcheongdong-Gil road [삼청동길].
It’s quite peaceful and quaint area. I do tried The same waffle at
“Hongdae Beanbins coffee & Premium Waffle” but it doesn’t really taste
as good as the one at Samcheongdong-Gil road.

Address : Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 119-2
Direction: Subway Line3 [Anguk] exit 1 and walk about 20mins to reach the destinations
Operation Hours: 10am-23pm (weekdays) / Weekend & Holidays (10am-23pm)

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