Magnolia Bakery Opens in Korea!

Have you heard of Magnolia Bakery?


Magnolia Bakery is a famous bakery in New York City, made even more famous by coming out in an episode of Sex and the City! They have recently opened up a chain in Japan, and they are set to open the First Magnolia Bakery in Korea!


The first Magnolia Bakery opened in 1996, and it has always maintained its classic American image- vintage decor and packaging and baked goodies straight out of a traditional American TV show! Famous for their cupcakes with their distinctive icing patterns and their banana pudding, today Magnolia Bakery has expanded internationally!

Where can I buy it?


This weekend, the largest and most luxurious department store in Korea is going to open! Called “The Hyundai” and part of the Hyundai Department Store line, it is said to be bigger, badder, and sexier than any department store currently in Korea! In order to keep up its luxurious image, they will be bringing in never seen before brands, and Magnolia Bakery is one of them.


You will be able to find the Magnolia Bakery in the basement at the B1 level (circled in red in the upper right hand corner), but there are also plenty of other exciting and delicious brands you should check out!


The Hyundai is located just next to the Pangyo line, which is 17 minutes away from Gangnam if you take the Shin Bundang line- it is fast, convenient, and in the heart of Seoul’s booming technovalley!

Images courtesy of The Hyundai

Magnolia Bakery’s Famous Desserts!


Magnolia Bakery’s Number One Must Try Item is cupcake! 

They have a very distinctive swirl pattern to them, and come in beautiful pastel colors- so be sure to check them out! The cupcakes are beautifully fluffy and the icing set just so- they have a famous secret recipe buttercream icing, so be sure to try it out!

Warning: BnBHero is not sure if they will have altered the taste of Magnolia Cupcakes to suit the Asian tastebuds more, but it may be a bit too sweet in the beginning. We recommend you try it out and see for yourself! This writer can finish an entire box in one day…


The second item you must try is the banana pudding! It is a famous and classic item from Magnolia Bakery and one of their best sellers- and we love puding, so how can they go wrong?

Images Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

Can I follow them on Social Media?


We love this photo taken by Magnolia Bakery highlighting key destinations in Seoul- do you recognize some of these locations? The very last one is an image of the Department Store which Magnolia Bakery will call home!

We love looking at food photos, so we thought we could make it easier for our readers in follow Magnolia Bakery-Korea!

Magnolia Bakery Korea- Instagram

Magnolia Bakery Korea- Facebook


Many brands and franchises that expand globally always offer something with a local twist! We’ve been following the Magnolia Bakery Japan instagram and have fallen in love with the images of the sakura flavoured cupcakes, and the cupcakes with little adorable LINE character figureines!

What kind of special cupcake do you think they will have in the Korean branch? We would love to see some with traditional Korean flavours!magnolia6

Image Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery- Japan

Check out Magnolia Bakery from this weekend!

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