Recommended luxurious strawberry buffet in Seoul

When you visit Seoul in Spring, do not miss the chance of having the strawberry feast!

There are many hotels offering the strawberry buffet in Seoul. Today, I’m going to introduce the one which is in the central Seoul and close to Myeongdong.


Lotte hotel { Must be strawberry }

Time: 2018.1.6~ 2018.4.29 (Only on weekends)


Price: Adult 53,000 / Child 30,000

Hours: (1) 11:30~13:30 / (2) 14:00~16:00


Inquiry: 02.317.7131~2

Address: Lotte hotel, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Seoul




The atmosphere is so good and the strawberry desserts are displayed in the middle.

Every dish is made of delicious strawberries!



The appetizer and salad not only look delicious but tastes delicious!




Here’s just like a total strawberry kingdom!! Lots of tarts, pies, pieces of bread, cakes and so on are served for customers.



Even cannot count how many desserts they provide! Strawberry pancake, jelly, cones, puffs are all you can eat.



They also serve the many flavors macaroon, the strawberry chocolate fountain, and real strawberries.



They serve strawberry sparkling beverage for each customer and customer could choose one of tea. Also, they serve some salty food, including omelet, fried rice, tteok-bokki, and pasta.



Maybe it’s not a cheap buffet but it really worths it! Especially it’s a season limited buffet. Hope you enjoy the strawberry feast in Seoul 🙂


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