Looking for a place to stay- internationally?


Looking for a place to stay, but not in South Korea?

Instead of looking for a new source for your adventures, BnBHero’s partnership with Booking.com offers you amazing accommodation at affordable prices1

Our recent partnership means that through BnBHero, you can book all of the rooms available at booking.com! That means over 870 THOUSAND properties worldwide!

From the six star luxury to the more affordable and homey guest house, whether you are traveling to South Korea or anywhere else in the world, this is the best place to find your accommodation!

So start booking your accommodation with us!

On the main BnBHero website, there is now a direct link to our partner site, booking.com! Click on the little “B” on the left hand side, and be directed to Booking.com!

OR! If you are viewing the website on your mobile, click on “best hotel rates” to be given direct access!

Or click here to go to booking.com now! 


This is the same booking.com website you may be familiar with, but how can you tell it is with us? Every page you access, whether it is luxury hotels, business hotels, guest houses, or hostels in your travel destination, the banner will read BnbHero!

Check out this amazing hotel located in Manhattan! The Standard Highline is a beautiful hotel, and available on booking.com! 

What destination are you visiting? New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver?

Visiting Hong Kong? What about this beautiful hotel with the amazing view of the city? 

Or perhaps your visit on your next trip is closer to home! Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, KL?


Whether you are visiting a bustling city…


Or planning your next vacation in the quiet, calm of a beach…

Our amazing partnership has you covered!


Get the lowest rates for your hotel, motel, guesthouse or apartment, and if you have any questions, the 24 hour customer service will be sure to answer it for you!

With over 80,000 verified reviews, what better way of feeling safe and secure of your next visit?

The next time you are looking to book your trip, ANYWHERE in the world, join us at BnBHero!

Your best source for South Korea, and now, the world!

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