Lets Visit Dongdaemun DDP!

Dongdaemun DDP- a must visit destination in Seoul!

Located right in the middle of Dongdaemun, and very hard to miss with its futuristic design, it is Korea’s first public building for which the design was actually chosen through an international design contest! Architect and designer Zaha Hadid focused on dynamism of Seoul’s famous Dongdaemun area, and came up with a building that is amazing to look at and becoming an icon of Korea!


Doesn’t it make you feel as if you are entering a space ship?

20150713_170303 Dongdaemun DDP consists of many separate different sections, and it is quite large and complex inside, so be warned! This BnBHero writer got lost inside and couldn’t find her way out… don’t let the same happen to you!

– Art Hall (4,953.48m2): Art Hall 1, 2, International Conference Hall
– Museum (7,928.49m2): Design Museum, Design Exhibition Hall, Design Pathway, Pathway Cafe
– Design Lab #1 (8,206.08m2): Design Lab 1, 2, Jandisarang Room , Nanum Hall
– Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (4,110.60m2): An eco-friendly park
(Gallery Mun, Yigansu Exhibition Hall, Dongdaemun History Museum 1398, Dongdaemun Stadium Memorial , Seoul Fortress Hall (Yigansu Gate), Garden Yigansu Gate)
– Oullim Square : DDP Information Center for customized information about the DDP and vitalizing the market of this region (open 24 hours)
– The Design Market : A place where visitors can shop, relax, and experience a range of different designs and design products at a new trendy retail store such as a shop-in-shop (a store-within-a-store).


The Design Shops located in the DDP have four different entrances and house Korea’s largest art and design shop! You can find some very interesting souvenirs that represent your trip to Korea! There are alot of products, designers and startups that showcase their wares inside the design shops, from traditional Korean crafts such as ricepaper, crockery and china to more modern and fun gifts and presents.


We loved looking at the design gallery box and seeing everything that was represented! So what about dropping by and checking out some amazing souvenir ideas?


Along the center and the back of Dongdaemun DDP there is the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, which has some amazing smaller exhibition rooms, but also some old Korean architectural remains!


There are excavation sites with information about what they represent, and it is quite amazing to be able to take a glimpse into Korea’s history! What existed here, in this space before? It is up to your imagination!

Leading to a separate smaller exhibition room, you can see the excavation site! This is the remains of old pathways that used to exist in Korea!

The excavation sites are very well maintained, and it is also interesting to be able to stop here and wonder about our history!


In the center there is also an exhibition of glass LED flowers! They are even more beautiful at night, because there are 25,550 roses in this field! We didn’t try counting, we read it on the main DDP website!

20150713_172538 20150713_172543

The grass garden area will have this flowers until February 29, 2016-so check out the beautiful exhibition! In daylight the roses look romantic, but we bet they look even more amazing in the evening!


There are always a lot of different exhibitions being held at Dongdaemun DDP, so be sure it check it out!

20150713_173358We checked out the free Christian Dior exhibition being held, and was lucky enough to make it before they closed for the day! Because entrance is free, what about taking a break from the shopping and eating and Dongdaemun by doing something a little bit more cultural?


Called the Esprit Dior, it takes you into the history and the mind of Christian Dior, showcasing classical examples of his work from the beginning until now- each room has a different theme, accompanied by music, lights, and decor- but the clothing is the main star, and each item is so exquisitely made and presented with such care, we could spend hours here!


Welcome to the world and imagination of Christian Dior!


The exhibition is open until the end of August, so be sure to check it out! Although entrance is free, last entry is at 5.30pm, so be sure to go a little bit early!


One day, one day we have promised ourselves that we will be able to buy and own one amazing Christian Dior clothing piece! We just hope we have somewhere we can wear it to!


Not only are there amazing clothing, but also other little details such as shoes…


And other artwork!


Each room has a carefully thought out theme that best captures the memories and history of Christian Dior- we loved this room and the roses painted in the background- several famous Korean artists worked in collaboration with his exhibition to produce artwork that accentuated the beauty and perfection of Christian Dior!


Whether stark white and pure…


Or silhouettes of famous dresses warn by Hollywood Stars on the red carpet…

20150713_174605 20150713_174615 20150713_174645

Or clothing that calls back a bygone era…


The Christian Dior Exhibition was like traveling through the dream of a fairy tale!

20150713_175018 20150713_175039


Doesn’t this light fixture remind you of champagne bubbles?

20150713_175229 20150713_175245 20150713_175255 20150713_175320

It perfectly captures the beauty of these fancy dresses!

So what about visiting Dongdaemun DDP today? Let us know your thoughts on this amazing architectural treasure!

Dongdaemun DDP: D281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-197


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