Lets try Charcoal Grilled Hotteok!


We saw this delicious looking article on Insight, and so we had to share this amazing discovery with our readers!

Nami Island is one of the NUMBER ONE Destinations with our readers! So if you are planning on visiting the island in the winter, be sure to eat this amazing dish!


We couldn’t find the video in English, but check out KakaoTV to see a snippet from the show!

Charcoal Grilled Hotteok!!

Hotteok is one of the most popular street food items, and you can find it everywhere, but TV Show “Delicious TV” recently featured a rare and beautiful and delicious item you can ONLY get in Nami Island!


(Although knowing how entrepreneurial Koreans are, we would not be surprised if someone started this in Seoul!)


This amazing hotteok combines riceflour and matcha into the batter at once, so that it is chewier and more fun to it than normal hotteok!


Secondly, it is grilled for a second time on top of charcoal, which creates a crispier outer shell and gives it that amazing smokey scent!

We heard that these go for 1,000 won each! Have you tried it yet? Share your photos with us!



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