Let’s go walking in Haneul Park


 Haneul Park (Sky Park) 하늘 공원

Like its name Haneul, which means sky in Korean, the park is situated at World Cup Park’s highest point. Every fall, silver grasses in the park’s vast grassland create breathtaking views. The Haneul stairs consist of 291 stairs and have become a popular tourist attraction. Situated at the highest point in World Cup Park, there are observation points on the sloping sides of the park. And there are also many resting areas.



As it was once a landfill and the soil especially poor, the Haneul Park wasteland recovery project demonstrates how nature can flourish out of what was once barren land.
Since the year 2000, around 30,000 butterflies have been realeased on Nanjido Island, which is located in the middle of Haneul Park. As it said Haneul Park is an environmentally-friendly place where green power is both developed and consumed.


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At Haneul Park, visitors are met with scenic views of Seoul in every direction with Bukhansan Mountain to the north, Namsan Mountain and the 63 Building to the east, Han River to the south and Haengjusanseon Fortress to the west. These spectacular sights can be fully enjoyed from the observation platform. The park also offers benches and other areas for visitors to take a short rest and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Haneul Park.

Therefore, the most attractive aspect of Haneul Park is the spectacular views. The park has the highest elevation in World Cup Park, and the observation platform offers stunning views.


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One of the distinctive elements of the park is vast grassland. There are four zones divided into an X-shape along the ridge-line. On the north and south sections, high grass is planted. On the east and west sections, low grass is planted. This creates different scenery in each season. For example, in spring, various wildflowers bloom; in summer, tall sunflowers bloom along the path between the silver grasses.

It’s really recommended to visit this beautiful for hiking and taking pictures. According to seasons, the blossoms are different but all colorful and pretty. This park is big enough that you might spend a day here, doing some sunbath when it’s a nice weather.


Free Admission

Directions: 서울특별시 마포구 하늘공원로 95 (상암동)
World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1.

Resource: wiki, Official Website

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