Let’s go GLAMPING!

GLAMPING- Glamarous + Camping!

Have you ever tried this before? GLAMPING is not uniquely Korean, and it is a combination of the words Glamour + Camping. We think it’s just convenient camping, where you get to experience a night out under the stars, but have someone else set it up!

We experienced Glamping this summer, and wanted to share this experience with our readers!


Glamping is just as it sounds- there are tents you sleep in, and usually a bonfire that acts as a meeting point and heart for the activities. Whether you go with your friends and family and rent only one tent, or make it a more exciting trip and go with many people, glamping is convenient, easy to do, and a great way to make memories!

So if you are looking for an interesting activity to do in Korea, or want to enjoy the wonderful weather before it gets to cold, we highly recommend a Glamping trip!


The biggest difference between glamping and camping is that, you can’t find tents like this in the wild! The one we stayed in had electrcitiy outlets for a minifridge, fan, and even a kettle! The floor is actually hard and wooden, and this tent is perfect for 3 people!


Each tent has its own grill which they will light up for you- you can bring your own food, or you can order food and make this trip even more convenient! This trip, we ordered the food but were very jealous of the Korean families who came here to cook! We could spell the soups and the stir fries… yummy!


Even if all you do is laze around, it is a nice way to enjoy the sunset- right in the heart of nature!


There were a lot of families and couples when we went, so it feels very safe! The bonfire that they lit in the middle provides a lot of light, and more- a great place to talk! What about gathering here and playing games, or telling ghost stories?

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This is the food that they offer at the Glamping site (minus the wine!). Doesn’t it look amazing? You can order more food if you want, or bring some more! Next time we would like to bring some more vegetables, such as large mushrooms and zuchinni to cut and grill over the fire.

Where is this location?


The glamping location we went to is in Yangpyong! You are surrounded by nature, and we highly recommend you rent a car to make your journey easier-


Or you can take the bus from Seoul to Yangpyong, and then take a taxi to the location! It depends on how much luggage you have! But with glamping, you can bring more entertainment- because you will not be as tired as if you had gone camping!

▶Reservation Enquiries: 02-546-5522

Address (In Korean) : 경기도 양평군 양평읍 충신로 189번길 41-36
(경기도 양평군 양평읍 회현리300-2)

The above is a scene from a popular Korean TV shows based on the location we visited! Isn’t it so cool??


This is the site map of where we stayed! There are different types of tents of different sizes, and also a large building with “condos”, or small rooms if you would prefer to be indoors 100%. There are bathrooms located in a large seperate building, as well as a small convenience store- be sure to check the hours, because it was not open 24 hours when we were there!

You can buy cards, food, snack, mosquito repellant, etc at the convenience store, so it is okay if you have forgotten to bring something!

glamping5 glamping6

They also have tents with heated floors, if you prefer a slightly more authentic experience, as well as tents with sofa beds- they have rooms that can fit from 4-6 people, so you don’t have to be worried about not having enough space!


The above are tentative costs that we imputted, there are additional fees for ordering food, barbecue, extra person, as well as a grill. You can even rent a beamer and watch a movie inside or out the tent!

Glamping was an amazing experience for this BnBHero writer, and one we highly recommend!

So what about going glamping before it gets too cold?

To see more information, visit the main website of the site we visited, Glamping Korea! (It is only in Korean, but you can give reservations a call!)

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