Let’s attend the annual Floating Lantern Festival!


What it is

Held every year in October and one of the most beautiful festivals, the Floating Lantern Festival is held in Jinju Namgang. With autumn just about pounce and the air having a spicy, brisk kick to it, what better way to celebrate your trip to Korea than by attending one of the most culturally rich but also beautiful festivals?

From 2006 to 2010 it has won the “Best Festival” Award, and was also selected as the Korean Representative Festival from 2011-2013. It is a beautiful event where you can see thousands of floating festivals, fireworks in the night sky, and also find yourself participating by making a wish and making your own lantern!

2015 Floating Lantern Festival


Theme :“Water Fire Light and or Wishes”
Duration :2015. 10. 1(Thursday) ~ 2015. 10. 11(Sun)

Main Program

Some highlights that we insist you have to try to catch include:

Street parade of citizen lanterns

This is a street parade of citizen symbol lanterns. The parade route is : Music fountain→Jinju City Gongbukmun Gate→Insan Square→Jungang→Jinjugyo Bridge→Manggyeong-dong History Street(arrive at the event place and exhibition)

10.1 (18:30~20:30) Leave the music fountain at Sinan-dong


Water Fireworks

Spectacles are provided by holding water fireworks on Namgang.

10.1 (20:00) Jinju Namgang River


Hanging the Wishing Lanterns

500m riverside area of Namgang between Cheonsu-gyo (‘bridge’) and Jinju-gyo

10.1 ~ 10.12 Hanging wishing lanterns after writing one’s wishes on the lanterns (participation free : 10,000)

Floating lanterns

below Chokseongmun Gate at the waterfront of Namgang River at Seongji-dong

10.1 ~ 10.12 (18:00~23:00) The lanterns carrying people’s wishes will be floated on the Namgang River

World traditional lanterns exhibition

Exhibition of famous global attractions, people and children’s books including Statue of Liberty, Sphinx, Napoleon, Vikings, Little Mermaid, Snow White, the Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, etc.

10.1 ~ 10.12 Jinju Namgang River

Korean lanterns exhibition

Exhibition of beautiful historic relics, traditional dances & legendary founders of old kingdoms including stone pagodas like Dabotap & Seokgatap, ancient murals on the wall of Goguryeo period tombs like Cheonma & Beeho, Jinju’s sword & mask dances, double-headed dance, Buddhist Tuek dance, King Dangun of Gojoseon, Bak Hyeokgeose of Silla, JuTueg of Goguryeo, King Gumwa of Buyeo & King Kim Suro of Kaya, etc.

10.1 ~ 10.12 Jinju Namgang River

Make your own lanterns!

Creative lantern making experience

Tourists make small lanterns with creative idea and exhibit them(Participation fee:free)

10.1 ~ 10.12 ( 13:00 ~ 23:00 ) at the waterfront of Namgan River at Manggyeong-dong ,Jinju Castle


Pleasure Boat Experience

An event to experience Jinju’s history and various lantern boats floating on the river narrated by culture & tourism expert by riding the pleasure boat Fee: Daytime (Middle school students & older: 4,000 won; Elementary school students & younger: 2,000 won); Nighttime (Middle school students & older: 5,000 won; Elementary school students & younger: 3,000 won)

10.1 ~ 10.12 ( 13:00 ~ 24:00 ) Runs on the Nam River (between Jinju Bridge & Cheonsu Bridge)

Make-a-Wish Experience

An event to experience making one’s own wishes beside the exhibited make-a-wish lantern (Participation Fee: Free)

10.1 ~ 10.12 ( 10:00 ~ 24:00 ) Jinju Castle (Downhill road of the Yeongnampojeongsa gate)


(Click to enlarge the map)

Photos Courtesy of the official website.

How do I get there from Seoul? 

The official address for the location is:

 626, Namgang-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 진주시 남강로 626 (본성동)

But it is very difficult to find with just google maps!


What we highly recommend is you take the bus from Seoul to Jinju, and then either walk or take a taxi to the festival location site! It takes about 3 and a half hours from Seoul to Jinju, so take a nap and rest up because you have so much to do once you arrive!

You can take two buses, either from:

Seoul Express Bus Terminal (http://www.exterminal.co.kr/bus.asp) 

Although the website is in Korea, if you enter the details like this you can see the bus schedule (enter date, and time, and the codes are for Seoul and Jinju!).


There is a bus that travels there almost every hour!

OR you can take it from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (https://www.ti21.co.kr/)


There are not as many buses, so be careful and make sure you are not late!


The above map is a brief snapshot of the location- the lowest arrow is the bus terminal (Jinju Express Bus Terminal) you will arrive at, while the left hand arrow is the destination, Jinju Castle!

So what about visiting this spectacular festival from today?

Let us know if you visit, and share your photos with us!

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