Learn how to make Korean food with Masterchef Baek!


Koreans love cooking shows and eating shows, and while there are many that help teach people how to make simple and delicious food at home, one of our favorites is Chef Master Baek!


Photo Courtesy of official TVN Website

Who is Chef Baek?


Photo Courtesy of official TVN Website

Baek Jong-won is also famous because it is Korean Actress So Yoo-Jin’s husband! He is not a master chef in the same way other master chefs are in Korea, but he first gained recognition on MBC’s television show “My Little Television”, where he began to introduce unique and easy recipes.

Baek is also a very popular face and figure in Korea because he is the CEO of several national restaurant franchises! Ranging from cheap and affordable coffee shops, curry houses, noodle houses, or Korean-Chinese restaurants, he has a wide variety of restaurants under his belt!


The above brands are just a few of the many franchises under Chef Baek’s belt! Do you recognize a few?

His franchises are famous for being affordable, but also tasty!

His franchises are casual spots where one can go dine even at late night. He publicly admits that he is no professional but just someone who loves to cook and wants to inspire others to start cooking as well.

House Cook Master Baek! Learn to cook at home, quick and easy! 

Starting from last year, Home Cook Master Baek teaches 4 male celebrities who don’t know a single thing about the kitchen, how to cook! Popular Mc Kum Gu-ra and singer Yoon Sang are two of the stars, and what is especially interesting is the chemistry between the four different celebrities with the chef!

Each brings something different and special to the show!


Photo Courtesy of official TVN Website

Currently we were unable to find the show with English Subtitles, but we could find many video snippets in Korean on youtube!

Calling all BnBHero fans! If you have a source you watch this show with subtitles, please let us know!

Master Baek takes something as simple as a curry and shows you how to make it! Did you know you could use onions and stir fry it for a long time to bring out the true depth of the flavor? (Click on the video above to see a much longer play list!)

Korean Kimchi Stew is famous, but what we also like is to see other celebrities cook! Baek is very good at teaching you easy to learn tips and tricks to make amazing food at a short amount of time, and also to give it amazing flavor most beginner’s don’t know how to achieve!


Photo Courtesy of official TVN Website

If you are interested in seeing some Korean resources, we have a list for you to check out!

So check out the man who made even this terrible cook, want to learn to make Korean food!

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  1. Hi, I’m Celina from Singapore. I love to watch home food rescue very much regardless part 1 or part 2. I’m very interested to learn Korean food from Chef Park. Would like to watch from h/p online. May I know which website should I go? Can I watch all the episode? And is there any English subtitles? Thank you for your time. Regards😀


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