Leading young Korean shoes brand- SBENU


Established in 2013, SBENU gained their popularity with a very short time, and got big success by the supports from students and young people. Dedicated that all of the products must be made in Korea, under the best manufacturing system, it’s not surprised that it can get growth this quickly!


Various fresh and new design published by each season, plus a large number of impressions on TV/ Internet, it attracts people’s attention then conquered them by their high quality products!


SBENU is not getting popular in Korea only, but becoming a global-known brand now, as the main sponsor of celebrities and some games like LOL Champions Korea league, SBENU now is getting more and more fans, and we know, SBENU always can bring us surprise!


Various shoes style are waiting for your further exploration, visit their website: http://www.sbenu.co.kr/

It’s not difficult to find a SBENU shop in Korea, go visit any of sports area in departments store, you will find them quite easily!

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