How to make KR Pass (Korea Rail Pass) Reservation + Discount information

Looking for a way to get around Korea by train? If so, the KR Pass is your best solution!
The KR Pass is a special ticket that allows for:

  • Unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains for the duration of your travel or pass, and
  • Discounts on accommodations and tourist attractions, allowing you to see more of Korea on your own time!

You’re eligible to purchase a KR Pass if you are:

  • A foreign visitor
  • A foreign national
  • Korean National with Passport Residence (PR), Foreign citizenship holders, and Koreans with long-term visas)

1. KR PASS Information 


From July 17th. 2018 ~

Consecutive 3-Day 138,000 69,000 128,000
Consecutive 5-Day 210,000 105,000 200,000
Flexible 2-Day 121,000 61,000 111,000
Flexible 4-Day 193,000 97,000 183,000

✓ Adult Pass : Age 12 years+
✓ Child Pass : Age 4-11 years
✓ Saver Pass : Group of 2-5 people traveling on the same itinerary
✓ Flexible Pass : Randomly choose travel dates within 10 days from the pre-selected first date of travel.
Travel dates can be designated at the KORAIL ticket booth, or online at  ➡ KORAIL My Reservation
Please take note of the following before purchasing a KR Pass:
* Extra fees will be charged for first-class seats.
* KR pass is not available for children under 4 years old. Free of charge for children under 4 years old if the child doesn’t take a separate seat AND when accompanied by a guardian paying a regular adult fare. (1 child per 1 adult). To book a separate seat for the child, please purchase the ticket at a Korail counter.

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2. KR Pass Inclusions

The KR Pass may be used on the following trains/lines:

  • High-Speed Trains (KTX, KTX-Sancheon)
  • Conventional Trains (ITX-Saemeaul, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun)
  • Tourist Trains: A-Train (Jeongseon Arirang Train), DMZ-Train, G-Train (West Gold Train), O-Train (Central Inland Region Tour Train), S-Train (Namdo Sea Sightseeing Train), V-Train

3. KR Pass Exclusions

The KR Pass MAY NOT be used on the following trains/lines:

  • AREX
  • SRT
  • Metro(Subway)

Additional Notes:

  • Beginning Feb 1st, 2018  KR Passes will only be sent via email vouchers (electronic version). Email vouchers no longer need to be exchanged for tickets at KORAIL stations.
  • Beginning July 17th, 2018 Specific seats reservation is available only 2 times a day. (1 time per each route per pass, Max 2 routes a day)
  • You are only allowed to change your travel dates once. This request may be made before the pre-selected first date of travel at KORAIL My Reservation.
  • Compensation will not be provided for train delays or cancellations.

3. How to book KR PASS

1) Visit Indiway website KR PASS 

2) Choose the Date and Pass type and click Book Now button

KR pass travel korea

3) Submit your information

In the payment page, you need to submit your information for booking.  If you are traveling in a group, please make sure you submit all passenger information for each member of your group:

  • First (Given Name, Last (Family) Name as indicated in your passport
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Nationality
  • Type of Pass to be availed (Adult/Child/Saver/Youth)

Please ensure that all information you submit is correct. Any incorrect details will result in an invalid KR Pass that is also ineligible for compensation. Your KR Pass will be sent via email within 3 business days after you book.

4) Make your seat reservations online

Once you receive your KR Pass, you can access to KR Pass My Reservation and make seat reservations.
You can make a reservation as early as 30 days prior to your arrival date.
Choose “Korail Pass Number” and input your number

KR Pass E-voucher

Flexible Pass users: Please ensure that you designate the rest of your travel dates at KORAIL My Reservation.
First-class seats will incur extra fees. Payment may be made via credit card on the KORAIL website.

4) Print out your train tickets from KORAIL My Reservation and your KR Pass from the email voucher.

5) Activate your KR Pass on the first date of your travel and enjoy riding the KR Rail!

For ticket inspection purposes, please ensure that you always have the following:
Passport,  printed KR Pass and printed train tickets

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3.Customer Service

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