[KR pass] How To Make Korail Pass Seat Reservation Online

Are you struggling to make KR pass seats reservation on Korail Website?  Follow our step-by-step guide and complete your Korail Pass Reservation to secure your seats.

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Book ktx tickets online

1. Go to Korail Website (Click Here)

2. My Reservation -> Type your Korail Pass Number written on voucher.
korail online booking

3. Your Korail Pass is now registered. Select the pass then click DETAILS.

*This process is required prior to making SEAT RESERVATION
korail pass online booking

4. Choose First date of Travel with Korail Pass & Dates of Travel.

Below example is for KR Pass – Flexible 2 day use.
*For Flexible pass type, you have to choose the rest of travel dates. Options will show as per your pass type.
kr pass online seat reservation
Make sure you click “Set” once selected dates.

korail flexible pass


kr pass seats reservation
Choose Date of Departure, Departure / Arrival, Type & Number of passengers.
*If you didn’t book SAVER option, you will have to book for each person per pass.

KTX Ticket reservation

6. You will see trains with available seats. Select one that best suits your schedule.

*Click Train No to check arrival time at your destination.
**If you choose First Class, extra charge will incur.
korail reservation online

7. Click NEXT after double checking your KR Pass Seat Reservation detail.

* Changing travel dates is possible only 1 time at KORAIL My Reservation ONLY if requested prior to the pre-selected first date of travel. Note this and choose carefully.

Korea Rail Pass KR Pass Ticket Reservation

Voilà! Your seat is now secured.
Pack your bag and get ready for the journey!
South Korea train pass

Make sure you print our your KR pass. You need to bring your 1) passport, 2) printed KR Pass, and 3) printed train tickets on board for ticket inspection. 

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