Korean Traditional Wine Museum at JEONJU

Korean Traditional Wine Museum at JEONJU


Jeonju is a city in South Korea, and the capital of North Jeolla Province. This name literally means “Perfect Area” , because Jeonju is located in the fertile Honam plain, famous for crops of rice, many kinds of fruit and vegetable, called “breadbasket” that has been an important reason for producing Korean traditional alchohol beverage like as wine for centuries. So there is the Traditional Wine Museum in Jeonju at the present time.


Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum offers visitors the unique chance to explore the world of traditional Korean liquor and engage in related hands-on experience programs. At the museum, visitors can see the tools and machines which used for making alcohol beverage. Besides, visitors can closely look at various types of Korean traditional wine. Some of the most interesting displays at the museum are the alcohol preparation room and the fermentation room. It is great that the museum arrages for local speakers to describe in these two rooms, then the visitors are able to hear the amplified sounds of fermentation processes.


Program Information :

>>Making Dansul (sweet rice alcoholic beverage)

Duration: 20 minutes / Participation fee: 7,000 won

>>Making Moju (crude liquor) Filtering

Duration: 20 minutes / Participation fee: 5,000 won

>>Making Takbon (rubbing)

Duration: 5 minutes / Individuals 1,000 won / Groups : 5-20 people

(reservation: at least one day in advance)

>>Making Hyangeumjurye (local wine-drinking rituals)

Duration: 50 minutes / Adults 10,000 won / Teens 8,000 won

(only for group, at least 15 people plus)

Reservations :

Groups are required to make a reservation at least 1-3 days in advance, depended the program

Homepage :

www.urisul.net (only Korean)

Parking Facilities :



Reference: Visit Korea page


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