Korean Traditional Instruments [Samulnori]

How many Korean Traditional Instruments that you guys know???
Today we would like to introduce Korean Traditional Instruments called Samulnori


Samulnori  is a genre of traditional percussion music originating in Korea
The word samul means “four objects” and nori means “play”;
And samul nori is performed with four traditional Korean Musical Instruments

Kkwaenggari means a small gong

Jing means a larger gong

Janggu means and hourglass-shaped of drum

Buk means a barrel drum that similar to the bass drum

Samul nori has its roots in Pungmulnori (literally “Korean traditional percussion instruments playing”), a Korean folk genre comprising music, acrobatics, folk dance, and rituals, which was traditionally performed in rice farming villages in order to ensure and to celebrate good harvests.

Each of the four instruments represents a different weather condition:
the janggu represents rain,
the kkwaenggwari represents thunder
the jing the sounds of the wind,
the buk clouds.
                      The Outfit of Samulnori

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