Korean Summer Must Try Dish- Grilled Eel!

Have you tried Korean Grill Eel?


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Japanese “Unagi” is probably the most famous eel dish in Asia, but Koreans also eat grilled freshwater eel! “Jang-Uh Gui” (장어구이) is the name of the dish in Korea, and it literally means grilled eel. Although this dish can be prepared in many different ways (broiled, grilled, with sauce or without sauce) we thought we would focus on the timeless classic of simple grilled eel! (With photos!)


Image Courtesy of Naver

Freshwater Eel is very good for you, and is rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Koreans love to eat this dish in the summer because it is considered to improve stamina and help to avoid heat exhaustion! Eels are sliced and prepared by professionals, so if this is your first time trying this dish we highly recommend visiting some of the more famous restaurants! Because warning: if it is not properly prepared it can be a little bit fishy smelling.

Eel also contains DHA and EPA, which are especially good for:  decreasing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, preventing vascular diseases and promoting good eyesight


Eels are sliced lengthwise, bones are removed and they are seasoned simply with sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and sugar. Sometimes they can be seasoned even more, but then you cannot taste the true delicious flavour of the eel!


The eel bones are also dried, seasoned and fried to make a crunchy side dish! They taste just like dried fish, so we highly recommend that you give it a try!


Depending on where you go, they may prepared and grill the eel in front of you or you might have to do it yourself!

Step one! Grill it on both sides whole, because it helps everything cook evenly! (And because step two and look more interesting!)


Step two! Cut the eel with the scissors and cook the now exposed sides! Be sure to cook both sides, because it will help create a crunchy, delicious edge which helps add to the grilled eel experience!


Grilled Eel comes with a lot of side dishes, so what is the best way of eating it? By combining it with vegetables of course! We recommend that you experience a little bit and see what you like! Some people even eat it wrapped in the sesame leaf, but that is not our number one way.

20150729_184600 The best way to eat the eel is wrapped in sangchu- lettuce, with ginger, Korean bean paste, and other vegetables! The hot, meaty texture of the eel combines with the cool crisp of the lettuce leaf, the savoury depth of the bean paste and the bite of the ginger- it is an amazing flavour explosion in your mouth!

So what about trying some Korean style grilled Eel this summer?

We found an amazing Korean article with top recommendations for BBQ eel in Korea- it is in Korean, but we thought we could summarize the information in English for our readers!

Original Article in Korean here.

1. Chopyeongdo Minmul Jang-oh

Highly recommended because of the perfect flavouring, not too salty for our more sensitive readers, and perfectly marinated so you don’t even need other sauce.

Average Price: 54,000 (average 2 eel)

Address: 서울시 양천구 오목로50길 23 문창 오피스텔

Phone Number: 02-2692-0226

2. KwonGa’s PungChong Jang-Oh

Although Eel already has amazing health properties, this restaurant uses a sauce that includes some Chinese medicinal properties, to double the health benefits!

Average Price: 49,000 (average 2 eel)

Address: 서울시 관악구 신림로63길 25

Phone Number: 02-887-2826

3. Yett-Jib

This restaurant uses a super secret sauce that is a little bit on the spicy side, but brings out the best flavors of the grilled eel!

Average Price: 29,000 (average 1 eel)

Address:서울시 용산구 빙고로 38-1

Phone Number:02-793-5955

4. Nonhyeon Jang-uh

Located in the heart of Gangam, what about grabbing some premium eel barbecue before heading out and enjoying Gangnam?

Average Price: 53,000 (Average size is “large”)

Address: 서울시 강남구 학동로 106

Phone Number: 02-512-9278

There are many more restaurant recommendations that this in the article, so if you have any questions, please let us know!


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