Korean Hangover Cures- which have you tried?

Koreans love to drink!


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Drinking is a very big part of Korean culture, whether you are working or a student. We thought this summary of Korean hangover cures was a perfect way to wrap up this week- afterall it is Chuseok in Korea, and while Korean thanksgiving is a great time to meet with family, friends and pay respects to your ancestors (more information on Chuseok in our other blog post!), you will most probably be drinking!


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Battling the Hangover- Food, Drink, or Energy Shots? 

So what do you do when you have had too much to drink during the holidays and you feel as if your liver is trying to crawl out of your body? Try some tried and true Korean hangover cures!


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1. Honeywater

An easy to make, natural remedy, honey is full of plenty of antioxidants, but also is a form of pure energy to help your body go through the withdrawal and hangover symptoms! Whether you use a jar of bottle of honey you already have at home or purchase one of the “honey water” bottles that they sell at most convenience stores, honey water is a great way to help provide your body with hydration, but also energy!

In Korean dramas, you will often see wives prepare a glass of honey water for their husbands after a night of drinking- and the flavor can be quite addictive!


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2. Energy Drinks

If you have ever visited a Korean convenience store, we are sure that you have seen the rows and rows of tiny little energy drinks in one section! But more than providing energy, do you know that most of these drinks are hangover cures? Ones with names like “condition” and “morning care” are supposed to be a great way of getting over a hangover!

Maybe it is a placebo effect, but we have tried condition and believe that it is a great way of getting over a hangover! In morning care, the key ingredient is Milk Thistle, which is supposed to help your body and organs- while Condition contains something called “heotgae”, which is a plant that is supposed to help decompose alcohol within your body.


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3. The most important- FOOD!

Koreans LOVE to eat to get over a hangover, and 99% of all Koreans will prefer to eat some kind of soup! Whether it is full of nutritious vegetables like beansprout soup, or stocked in heavy broth (fish or meat!) or spicy, like jjampong, we need soup and rice to get over a hangover!

You can go to a convenience store and have some cup noodles, but in most drinking districts you will find many restaurants that serve soup and rice! 국밥 literally stands for soup rice, but also 해장국 is literally just that! Hangover Soup! It is a refreshing way of settling your insides, providing a lot of nutrients to your body and also trying to get back some of your sanity!

So what is your favorite way of getting over a hangover? Whether it is Korean or something close to home, share your ideas with us in our comments!

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