Korean Experience- Eyelash Extensions!

Korean Beauty Secret- Eyelash Extensions

Korean celebrities are known for their beautiful skin, slender figures and large eyes- but did you know most Korean celebrities use eyelash extensions to enhance their beauty? The long, natural looking eyelash extensions is a secret beauty trick that is available to all women!

So the next time you visit Korea, what about going for a more interesting experience, and getting eyelash extensions?


These are some before and after photos, and look how natural they look! They second photo is actually two different styles- depending on the length and thickness of the eyelashes, you can go for a natural look or a more volume inspired look! Many Korean women like to wear very natural makeup, so most go for the natual, “I’m born with it” style of Korean eyelashes.

We really appreciate how amazing it looks! Most eyelash extensions can lash for 2~4 weeks, depending on the weight and thickness (if you go for longer and heavier ones, they will fall out faster) as well as the way you maintain them!

The Secret

Getting eyelash extensions will take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the level of skill. While there are many varieties and cheaper options, we highly recommend that you go to a famous, reputable place! You want the best eyelashes!

A skilled technician will make sure to cleean your eyes so there is no trace of makeup or skincare products, and prep them before hand! They attach each individual eyelash to your own, so it is a very skilled, painstaking process!


Actually, this is what the eyelashes look like! Don’t they look strange? As you can see there are different types,  both on length, curl, and thickness- so depending on the different eyelashes you get, you might get different looks!

If you are the type to wear makeup and mascara, we highly recommend letting the technician know so that they do something that is natural, but thicker and fuller. If you do not usually wear makeup, a thinner and more natural look might be up your alley!

Or if you are like us and are completely clueless, we suggest you ask the technician what will suit your face/eyes more! They are very skilled and experienced, and usually see many different customers and clients every day- so they will have a very good idea as to what will be the more flattering!

Can you image the skill that goes behind putting in each eyelash individually?? We can’t! But it is a very smooth process, and when we experimented with this, we actually fell asleep!

There are different levels of curl! A C curl is the most prominent curl, rather like the false eyelashe strips you can see- and highly recommended if you always curl your eyelashes and put on mascara! Depending on the size of your eyes and if you have single or double eyelids, it is the most “wide eyed” “barbie eyed” eyelash on the market.

The J curl is the most natural curl, and while it has more curl than our normally straight eyelashes, it is very natural looking, and gives you soft, elegant eyes!

The JC curl was created as an in between option between the two- so it is also worthwhile to try out!


If it is not confusing enough to have to choose the length, curl, and style, did you know there are different ways they can put the eyelashs? Many beauty technicians will use a variety of the different lengths they have, whether it is focusing the longer ones on the ends to give you a cat eye look, or in the center for a more innocent wide eyed look!

Depending on the length and style and type of eyelash, it will be ore or less expensive! Most places will give you a discount if you pay in cash, so we recommend budgeting between 50,000 to 80,000 won for your first try!

Eyelash Extension Experts


LaBeaute is a famous eyelsh extension shop wiht many different branches, and they have a location close to metro stops to make it easier for you to find! The before and after photos we displayed earlier on are all actually from LaBeaute, so if you like their style, what about giving them a call?

Visit their website for more information!


They are many eyelash extension shops and beauty parlours in Korea, but there is one that is famous for being frequented by Korean “ulzzangs”! Stylenanda’s famous models also frequent this pace regularly to get their eyelashes and nails done, and it is very close to Hongik University!

Their eyelashes are a little thicker and more pronounced, to give the classic doll eyed beauty look, but the technician is very friendly, experienced, and if it is your first time, will guide you through the look to give you the best eyelashes!

Check out their website for more photos!

So what about getting your eyelashes extended this summer?

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