[Korean Drama Part 3] Cheese in the Trap

So After introducing Part1 & 2 “Cheese in the Trap” filming location
this is gonna be the last filming spot that we
gonna introduce to you guys..
isn’t it sad???

Today filming spot is related to University in Korea?
Don’t you guys feel curious how Korea University Campus Look like??
Here is the place
Seoul National University of Science and Technology

So we gonna divide into 3 part.
first of it is the  “coffee Shop”
This Coffee shop is located at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
“Mugung-Gwan 무궁관 ” building 1st floor.
This is the place where Kim Go-eun visited and ordered Americano
while Park Hae-jin ordered Strawberry fruit Juice

The Part 2 
The second part is the place where Kim Go-eun is late for class
and the place that she ran really hard to reach her class.
The place is from
1. bungeobang yeonmotgwa (붕어방 연못과)
2. bungeo bang (붕어방)
3. Dasangwan (다산관)

The Part 3 (the last part)

So this part is the same building with the coffee shop.
the coffee shop is on 1st floor and this the the LOBBY of  Mugung-Gwan 무궁관 Building

**Click the link below to see how the building Look Like**

So here come the end of introducing
Korean Drama: Cheese in the Trap^^


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