[Korean Drama Part 2] Cheese in the Trap

So Did you guys still remember last week we had recommend Filming location for
“Cheese in the Trap” (뱀부(BAMBOO ) 15-8 – ) took place??

And today we would like to recommend 2nd Famous Filming Spot of
“Cheese in the Trap”  that is:
**** Gasan Digital complex Cafe Coffee Bay ****
In Korea there are many Coffee Bay branches around but the one the drama used is situated in Geumcheon-gu.

So this is the place that Kim Go-eun work as part timer Coffee shop.
and  Park Hae-jin came to the place where Kim Go-eun work at.
so basically this is the coffee shop and filming location.

6-01.jpgSo anyone remember how this scene goes??
Park Hae-jin had order Americano and Strawberry Shake
and when he received his coffee and he told Kim Go-eun that
Strawberry Milk Shake is for her.
isnt it as sweet as strawberry milk shake???


How to go:
Subway Station Line1 : Gasan Digital Complex Station (가산디지털단지역).
And exit through Exit 4.
Head towards the direction you’re facing and the building on your left
before the intersection is where Coffee Bay is.



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