Korean Beauty Secret- Contouring!

New Years Resolution- Perfect “Shading”!


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Shading and contouring is a makeup practice perfected not only by Koreans, but to our Asian featured readers, we thought you would find Korean makeup expert recommendations more suitable for your needs!

After all, we do not have the high nose, sharp cheekbones and heavy double eyelids that Caucasian faces do, and while the theory of contouring might be the same, it can be done differently!


Contouring consists of shading and highlighting your face using at least two different shades (powders, creamy sticks or even liquid) to highlight certain points of your face, and to add depth and shadows to other places!

The photo above shows step by step where you should add color to brighten, contour, highlight your face, and the last photo is the final result!


Depending on your face shape you will need to accentuate different points! The above photo shows egg shape, round shape, square shape and triangle shape faces, and the colors is where you would accentuate and contour!

Ssin-nim (씬님) can give you a great step by step tutorial on how to add shading and contouring to your face! She has english subtitles, and it is a little bit of a long video but we highly recommend it if you have time?

Ssin-nim goes through different product she recommends, but don’t worry, we have our list of Korean affordable brand recommendations for you to try out!

The photos above show you the brief summary of where you are supposed to shade and contour! A must for us is our nose bridge to create a slimmer nose, the hair line and jaw line for a more petite and V line shape, and the (on the way right side) essential points you need to remember to add highlights to!

This makeup artist is a young student, so if you are also a student may you should check out her student makeup tutorial to see how shading can be used for your daily makeup! What a great way of creating a natural look!

OR if you are like us and like to see what the real experts and pros can do, check out this video excerpt from Korea’s top makeup and beauty show, Get It Beauty! Infortunately this one doesn’t have English subtitles, but it’s still a great way to get some tips on how to do shading and contouring!


Some Makeup Recommendations!



ETUDE HOUSE has these amazing Play 101 Play Sticks that you can use for shading and contouring your face! They come in four different shades, so it will be easy for you to find a good shade to add to your skin! (Remember since it is for contouring, it should be slightly darker than your normal skin tone!)


If you prefer using powder, what about Tony Moly? They are famous for their hand creams that come in cute shapes and sizes, but you can buy this amazing shade to use for contouring, and maybe also as an eyeshadow!


One of our favorite brands is innisfree (we have referred to it many times in our Winter Skincare lines, Summer Makeup Recommendations, etc!) and they also have their mineral shading line!

So what about adding shading and contouring skills to your news years resolutions? It is a great way to emphasize your own beauty, and there are a lot of affordable Korean makeup brands that have products just for this purpose!

Ideas and insirations are from: Lovely_Joan, hhhjjrroo, frenchpopp, and cooloo9149 !

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