Korea Christmas Fair from this week!


Korea’s second annual Christmas Fair starts now!

From December 11th (Friday) to December 20th (Sunday), Korea is having it’s second annual Christmas Fair at Kintex!

It is an amazing opportunity to see a wide range of Christmas related goods all in one place, ranging from home decor, presents, food, cute and unique accessories and the wonderful fusion of Korean and modern arts and crafts!

If you are looking for an amazing Christmas experience, a Christmas present or just even something exciting to do in Korea, check out this Christmas Exhibition!


This one and only Christmas Fair in Korea targets both domestic and overseas retailers and customers, young and old, male and female, and it is a great place to see some of the new and exciting things for one of our favorite holidays!


Held in Gyeonggi-do, KINTEX is one of the largest convention centers in Korea, and there are plenty of ways to make your way there from Seoul!

Whether you are looking for an interesting and unique day trip, or are thinking of making a 1 night 2 day stay of it, KINTEX will have a lot of very exciting and interesting sights for you to behold!


With exhibition halls, events, performances and also some interesting seminars, it is  a great way to get into the spirit holiday, and also enjoy some affordable shopping!

Maybe you can’t buy a huge christmas tree to take home as a souvenir, but what about some amazing Christmas themed snacks?


Koreans are especially gifted at making some amazingly cute and delicious treats!

We know one of the reasons you clicked on this link was because you couldn’t resist the adorable looking snacks either!


In Korea, Christmas is an opportunity not only for the family, but predominantly for friends and lovers to get together! But this gives you a great way of buying some presents before hand for your family, so that all is forgiven!


It is also a great way to get some decorating ideas for your home for Christmas!


This amazing exhibition is only held for 10 days, so be sure to check it out while you can!


You will also be able to get a lot of items on sale, which is great!!

If you are as excited as we are to check out this Christmas Fair, visit the Official Christmas Fair Website (in English) as well as their Official Facebook Page for more information!

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