Just like your own space- Hongdae Cafe Room 19

Just like the wife in the novel “To Room Nineteen”, everyone needs their own room 19, just staying there and feeling relieved and comfortable, inside can fill things that they don’t want others to touch, until one day Someone kept pounding outside the room until they were ready, then opened, and took out those things that had been prepared to meet him.
The cafe “Room 19” is based on this concept, hope that it can become everyone’s “Room 19”, so it is not difficult to find that the layout design here is each a small space, can not be with other guests in one space.
When the weather is good, people who like to enjoy the sunbathing, there is also an outdoor space at the entrance of the cafe.
When going to inside, The first thing you can see in the cafe is the two and a half separate spaces, and the counter is in the innermost place.
In this white space in the corner, the wall next to it is partially replaced with a floor-to-ceiling window, so that the sun can be poured into the room, which is particularly comfortable, and the chair is filled with pillows.
In the middle is a set of highly suitable long tables. It also provides sockets for charging, so that people who need to study or work can handle it well. In addition to the good lighting, the windows next to them can be used to look plant of the outside, relax your eyes.
There is a staircase on the left-hand side of the entrance that can go up to the second floor. The stairwell is designed very beautifully. The floral wallpaper is matched with the dark blue carpet, which makes the small stairwell have a good atmosphere.
There aren’t many seats on the second floor. There is only one independent space. It’s really like a personal room 19. can relax and hide in here, have a cup of tea and talk to people.
There are two small spaces on the first floor, each with different styles. Of course, the features here are not only the space design, but people who like sweets, especially recommend this Red Berry Crunch.
Although there are more Brownies on the Internet that recommend them, people who like them can order it, but Red Berry Crunch is more distinctive. The bottom biscuits are sweet, crisp and fragrant, with ice cream and berry sauce. It is very special.
When you are in a bad mood, come here, talk to a friend, or read a book by yourself, and eat some sweet, just like in your own room 19, charge it well until you are ready, then reset off!
Cafe Room 19
🍽 : 13:00 – 22:00 Unscheduled break
🏠 : 15, Wausan-ro 15-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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