Review of Jeju Bonte Museum, Architectural Masterpiece Designed By Tadao Ando

Jeju Bonte Museum
We visited Bonte Museum, one of the must-go places in Jeju!
Museum Building
Bonte(本態)” means ‘original shape,’ and the museum was built to seek the original form and beauty of humankind.
The museum is located in Seogwipo-shi, Jeju, and it is fairly close from Camellia Hill by car!
Jeju Museum
From the airport, you can go to Jungmun by bus (bus number: 600), and it costs around 10,000 won by taxi from Jungmun to Bonte Museum.
Museum Pricing

Operating Hours

Open all year round, 10:00-18:00

Admission Fee

Adult: ₩20,000 => ₩19,000
Youth: ₩14,000 => ₩13,500
Child: ₩12,000 => ₩11,500

Curious about the works of Tadao Ando at Bonte Museum? get discounted tickets here.

Office Directional Sign
First, we got our tickets from the Bonte Museum ticket office!
The structure of the exhibition hall is a bit complicated, but one of the staffs kindly accommodated us on the viewing order! 😀
Ticket Counter
Inside Bonte Museum are Bonte shop and a ticket office, and you can see Jeju’s distinctive souvenirs as well as Bonte Museum-related souvenirs~
Bonte Museum  Gift Shop
We saw many kinds of goods, including traditional crafts and products of outstanding modern design, which would be perfect for keeping your memories of the museum!
Museum Bag
Finally entering Bonte Museum!
Bonte Museum
A  world-renowned architect Tadao Ando designed Bonte Museum, and it is a place of harmony among exposed mass concrete (which reminds me of marble), light, and water.
Jeju Museum  Jeju Museum
Commemorating the opening of the museum,<Seeking for Beauty> exhibition is held in the first exhibition hall. This exhibition introduces Korean traditional crafts, which exhibits two contradictory features at the same time: simplicity and splendor, or neatness and unconventionality.
Sign board  Bonte Museum 2
Sadly, I cannot upload many pictures, because it is forbidden to take photos inside the museum.
Please visit the museum and find out for yourself! 😀
Bonte Museum  Museum Cafeteria
After finishing looking around the first exhibition hall, you can eat or drink something at Café Bonte~!
See the view of Sanbangsan in the distance while enjoying a cup of tea next to the pond 😀
Jeju Museum   Outdoor Terrace

This is how Bonte Museum looks from the outside!

After ordering a cup of tea, we sat at the outside terrace, and enjoyed the harmony of modern architecture and natural scenery 😀
Sculpture  Sculpture 2
It was very romantic to have a close look at sculptures from place to place 😀
Bonte Museum  Bonte Museum
The next stop was the second exhibition hall! The trail to the second hall was very charming, and we saw a lot of people taking photos on the long corridor!
Jeju Heart  Jeju Heart 2
The second gallery features modern art worksand exhibitions about Tadao Ando.
Bonte Museum   Jeju Museum
My favorite experience was looking at the works of video artist, Namjun, Baek.
Sculpture With Fountain  Sculpture
It was splendid indeed!!
We also visited Bonte Garden on our way to the third, and fourth exhibition hall. You can also enjoy small snacks while looking down at the turf garden with a fountain and several bronze sculptures.
Directional Board  Museum
The third exhibition hall is adjacent to the fourth one. However, we could not enjoy the exhibition that much, for the place was under construction.
Bonte Museum  Jeju Museum
The fourth exhibition hall features the special exhibition, <Carriage to Heaven – the Aesthetic of Flower Sangyeo and Kkokdu>, where you can see Korean traditional funeral rites.
The third hall also left me with the strongest impact!
You can feel strong attachment to pumpkins that’s why you should see this place. It is a permanent display of Yayoi Kusama’s works.
Jeju Bonte Musuem   Bonte Musuem
You can take the best photo of your life in the mirror room as well 😀
It was very similar to teamLab world I visited the other day.
Bonte Museum
If you would like to see the harmony of Tadao Ando’s architectures such as nature as well as various distinctive exhibitions, we strongly recommend you to visit the Bonte Museum during your Jeju trip~

Bonte Museum

Location:  69, 762-beongil, Sanroknam-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju
Telephone : +82-64-792-8108