Jeju Loveland – for Couples and Friends ♥

Jeju Loveland is conveniently located near Jeju Airport,  just 10-15 minutes by car. Although most people associate Jeju Loveland as a site for couples, it is common to see groups of friends going together too!

In contrast to most of the attractions, Jeju Loveland, being a sex-themed sculpture park, breaks the traditional taboos regarding sex. It was created in 2002 by several artists and graduates from Hongik University, with a total of 140 installations created within the Loveland.

Visitors can choose to visit the Loveland anytime of the year!

Operating Days : 365 days a year
Time                       : 9:00am – 12:00am (0900 – 0000)
                                   (Ticket Office opens until 11pm)
Admission Fee  : KRW 12,000 (Indiway will offer discounted ticket for Love land. If have inquires, please send email to
Age                         : 18 and above 😳 

In case there are parents who want to enjoy the park, there are recreation and play areas available for the young ones!
In fact, we recommend couples to come here for a walk at night, just for a little different experience…

Right from the entrance, you can already find a sexual sign~ Following your way down the path, you will be able to see multiple similar signs all the way to the entrance!

In fact, the place is pretty big, so we recommend you to check out the map before starting your tour.

Jeju Loveland Installations and Displays

This is the first sculpture you will encounter as soon as you enter! It is artistic yet sexual, isn’t it?
Also, if you look closely, you will be able to find detailed and sophisticated facial expressions~

These are some steamy and artistic sculptures placed in the exhibition area to illustrate our point.

Throughout the entire Loveland, you will be able to find this “special” arrow. Not only the entrance directional signs bear this image, even the ground arrows are shaped in this~
Doesn’t it naturally draws your legs to head towards the next sculpture?  ^0^

In the middle of the Loveland, you will be able to find an indoor exhibition gallery.
On the first floor, you will be able to find some goods related to sex and a souvenir shop!

However, on the second floor, you will be able to have a look at the sex-themed gallery! Inside the gallery, you will be able to spot some interesting and imaginative miniature displays!

As you can see from the pictures, many miniatures related to various kinds of sex are displayed. This Includes sex in the old times, school years, and….  (You should see for yourself the rest at the Museum. No further spoilers from us^^)!

Fun Fact:

The titles of the sculptures were one of the most interesting features about this park! This one says “Banana Girl” in Korean~

Also, there were sculptures that depicted how love was usually made depending on the country.
(This one depicts India’s love-making > . <(shy))

Many people had a great time posing and imitating the sculptures~!

Also, you can find this “penis” bread in the café. In fact, there are actually two options you can choose from at 3,000won each hahaha
It was kind of… mushy actually.

With a bite, you could taste the sweet paste inside, but eating further was impossible…^^

As Jeju Loveland is an outdoor theme park, we recommend you to visit this place when the weather is good!
We have heard that the night view in Loveland is very pretty too! So Night owls may want to check this out~

It is really nice that there are many photo zones where you can take pictures!
In addition, visitors may find it fun to try this interactive turning device.
Following the instruction, it says to rotate it slowly….

When you rotate this slowly, the turning device moves up and down, and this was placed all over the park!

Loveland, in particular, has an eye for details when it came to signs and statues!
For example, in this picture meant for the toilet, it says, “Where you pull down your inner wear”. As you may already know, woman and man are slightly different.

All in all, we recommend you to visit here if you want to make a distinctive, special memory in Jeju! It is almost guaranteed that you will have a time filled with laughter and fun!

**Indiway Tip: Go with your intimate ones to avoid embarrassments 😳 **

Jeju Loveland Map

Jeju Loveland
Location – 680-26, Yeon-dong, Jeju-shi
Contact info. – 064.712.6988
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