Jeju Gimnyeong Maze Park

Did you know?

Gimnyeong Maze Park opened in 1995, making it almost 22 years old today! Gimnyeong Maze Park gathered huge popularity as the only traditional maze park in Northeast Asia. Today, there are a total of 14 different maze parks in Jeju Island alone.
What sets Gimnyeong Maze Park apart is its tradition and history~

Gimnyeong Maze Park is a nice place to visit if you’re considering going on a Jeju east side tour. The Park is also located near Gimnyeong beach!

You will be able to find the ticket office next to a small souvenir shop.
Here is the ticket office.
There is a small gift prepared for children who successfully escaped the maze 😎

Opening Hours
Spring (Mar -Jun): 08:30 AM – 06:00PM
Summer (Jul – Aug): 08:30 AM – 07:00PM (Nighttime opening: until 10:00PM)
Fall (Sep – Nov): 08:30 AM – 06:00PM
Winter (Dec – Feb): 08:30 AM – 05:30PM
* Last admission at 06:00PM
Entrance Fee
Adults: ₩3,300
Youths (13 yrs – 18 yrs), Seniors (65 yrs+): ₩2,200
Children (6 yrs+): ₩1,100

For a sneak peek, you can take a copy of the brochure that will show you the secret to escape! However, for the brave souls, you may take on the challenge without the map!

Not only the maze itself, but the path to the entrance of the maze was also very well-designed.
You can enjoy taking a walk under the warm sunlight if you go to the park on a sunny day! ????

You can see the entrance at the end of the forest path!

Which end of the 5% are you?

There is only a 5% possibility that you can escape from the maze within 5 mins.
AND…. 5% of people can’t get out of the maze for over an hour.

There is a stamp stone if you keep wandering around inside the maze!
This stone actually turned out to give the major clue to find the direction…

This is what you can see when you look up to the sky inside the maze!
Isn’t it so beautiful?
We recommend you to sometimes look up and enjoy the view of the sky, not just going straight all the time ????

Children absolutely love this place, since they can play around here and there.

Inside the maze, there are many boards with heart-warming quotes written on them.
Reading all the quotes can also be a part of the fun!
One quote says, “When you run into someone three times, that person feels like your friend.”
In the maze, you may actually make more friends then you expect. ^^

Bringing a light snack is a good idea. You can explore the maze with snacks to fill up your energy ????

You may become anxious, when you see that the bridge you should have been crossing is actually floating above your head.

But if you somehow end up at the maze entrance again, it means you have failed! ^^
Even if you keep moving to the brighter side of the path, because you think it’s the right direction, you may be surprised that you’re actually back to where you passed by before.

It might not be easy to find the exit. When you feel like you’re lost, you can start looking at the map for hints, but you might still not know what to do haha…

A funny warning sign that you might bump across on the way!
Is this a warning for people visiting the maze during the summer night opening? hehe

You will finally be able to find the bridge by looking closely at the map!!
When you’re climbing up the stairs, please hold your children’s hands.
These are pretty steep wooden stairs, so be careful!

You can check your goal point while on the bridge….
It is still far far away T—T

Children may get lost in the maze, so please be close to your children when you visit ????

Reach the bell at the exit!!!
If you are bad at reading maps, comfortable shoes and light baggage are mandatory haha

What a struggle to reach this exit LOL

There’s also a rocking chair where you can take pictures after you ring the bell at the exit!

Gimnyeong Maze Park will leave you with beautiful photos!

You can also get some presents after successfully passing through the maze!

The shop sells candies and pretty postcards that children like!

We recommend this place for a fun and active time to whoever is planning to go on a Jeju east side tour with your children ????
Gimnyeong Maze Park
122 Manjanggul-gil, Goojwa-eub, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Contact Info. – 064 782 9266

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