Review of Jeju Play K-POP – Jungmun Tourism Complex

 Jeju Jungmun Tourism Complex Play K Pop

Other than the Alive Museum, Jungmun is also home to Play K-POP.
Play K-POP is an extremely popular tourist attraction that just recently opened. We ran to the place with excitement, after hearing the news that you can have a wonderful time with G-Dragon there! 😀
Play K Pop
Play K-POP is an indoor facility, so it is a nice choice of visit regardless of rainy seasons or the uncertain weather in Jeju~ This Museum can be found inside the Jungmun Tourism Complex!
It is popular with foreigners who love K-POP and are into the Korean Wave, as well as young middle and high school students.
Of course, it is also popular with people like me who love G-Dragon… 😀
You can enjoy a unique experience through learning about K-POP’s history, having a date with a star, participating in a virtual concert, and being an actual singer! 😀

Operating Hours

09:00-19:00 (Open all year round)
* Last admission: 18:00 *

Admission Fee

Adult (18 yrs+) : ₩13,000 ⇒ ₩11,700
Youth (13-18 yrs) : ₩13,000 ⇒ ₩11,700
Child (3-12 yrs) : ₩12,000 ⇒ ₩10,800
Special Rate (Elderly 65 yrs+ or Disabled) : ₩ 12,000
Come and play at  Jeju Play KPOP Discount Ticket
Play Pop
At the entrance, there is already a G-Dragon photo zone! I am very, very satisfied ^^
They said the chair on the left has been used on an actual stage~~!
Play K Pop Tickets
The ticket has a very cute-looking design!
You have to scan the QR code in the middle to enjoy some of the experience inside the museum so you should NEVER lose your ticket 😀
Also, you can check the photos of yourself later on the website of Play K-POP~

History and Chronology of Music Origin

Second Floor Direction
When you get to the second floor, you can see the <Let’s Listen to Music Again> section, where you can learn about the origin of music!
Play K Pop
If you step your foot onto the tunnel-looking corridor, you can listen to the music that was popular on each time period. 😀
Music Library
Also, there is a music library that shows historical changes of music and lists “forbidden” songs from the old times!
I was stunned to meet all sorts of “forbidden” songs from each time period~
Push Button
Play K-POP has many quizzes along the various exhibitions, and it helped me remember the things I have seen! 😀
Although I’m not from the old times, I get to understand the strict music censorship from the past! T-T
Dancing Face
My favorite part of the <Let’s Listen to Music Again> section is… <Dance History>!
When you take a picture by scanning the QR code from the ticket, you can see yourself dancing just like this!
Play K Pop
Also, there is a photo zone designed in the 1970-80s’atmosphere 😀
I guess many parents would have a nostalgic time reminiscing about their good old memories here~~

Superstar Date

Superstar van Pic
On the opposite side of the second floor, there is a place where you can have a date with superstars!
You can go on a trip in a Star van, or ring a doorbell in front of a Star’s house!
(Of course, everything is virtual…^^)
G-Dragon and I showed our love towards each other on a bench… 😀
You can see the overflowing happiness on my face, right~~~?
3rd Floor

Be the Star!

After that, you can become a Star on the third floor!
The red carpet greets you at the entrance~~^^
Make Up
You can become an idol by experiencing their music, dance, fashion, and makeup! 😀
I tried an idol makeup, and also took photos at the photo zone, but somehow… my makeup didn’t turn out so well…?!
Recording Room
You can also record a song yourself!
We had a recording session with Kim Bumsoo and the video we got after the experience was hilarious hahaha  😆
Dance Room
Also, if you’re an enthusiastic dancer like us, we strongly recommend <the Dancing Room> !
We were dancing to a song called “Kungtarishabara,”and I realized that my dancing abilities are worse than I thought…^^
1st Floor

Live Hologram Concert

When you get down to the first floor again, you can enjoy the Live Hologram Concert that is held once every hour!
Concert List
We came to the first floor with such perfect timing we didn’t have to wait for the concert to start 😀
You can also check the concert schedule in advance!
Once you’re in the concert, you only have to wait for the performance to start. After taking your own picture, you’ll see the photo on the stage like this! XD
Performance is held by popular artists like PSY and Bigbang!
The sound and the video are very solid and realistic as if you’re in an actual concert~!
K- Pop Shop
When you come out of the concert, there is a K-POP Souvenir shop!
They have Star related products as well as albums: it is a wonderful place for K-pop fans 😀
You can also download photos and videos you took in Play K-POP from their website, and save them for  good memories!
Downloaded Pic
I laughed so hard at my makeup photo after downloading it from the website…
Make wonderful memories at unique photo zones and experience what you’ve always dreamt of at Play K-POP in Jungmun Tourism Complex!
Play K Pop
It definitely is a place for men and women of all ages^^

Jungmun Tourism Complex, Play K-pop

Location: 15 Jungmun Gwangwang-ro, 110 beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Contact Number : (+82) 64-780-9000