Review of Jeju Hueree Natural Park – Join the Hydrangea Festival

Hueree Natural Park Enterance
At Jeju Hueree Natural Park, some of the attractions include the Black Pig Show and the Flora and Fauna of the park! We visited Jeju Hueree Natural Park in spring, which was great for a stroll!
Hueree Natural Park Ticket Office

Hueree Natural Park is a beautiful local park and the only place in Jeju that was selected as one of the Korean Best Tourist Attractions! 😀

Natural Park Map
Hueree Natural Park is good for families with kids and also for couples who would like to go on a memorable date!
The park is located very close to Halla Mountain, so close you can almost touch the mountain!
Ticket Office Close up

Operating Hours

09:00-18:00 (Last Admission 16:30)
Open all year round
Entry until 16:00: Tangerine Picking, Horse Riding
The Black Pig Show runs every hour from 10:00 – 17:00

Admission Fee

Adult: ₩11,000
Youth: ₩9,000
Child: ₩8,000
Tangerine picking ₩5,000
Horse riding ₩10,000
Book the tickets here: Jeju Hueree Natural Park Ticket
Jeju Hueree Natural Park   Natural Park Photo Zone
We were pretty excited to watch the Black Pig show at Hueree Park!
Natural Park     Natural Park 2
The weather was great and we could stroll on the trail, enjoying the beautiful flower blooms while feeling the warm breeze of air on our skin 😀
Park Photo Zone     Park Photo Zone 2
In addition, the park is so huge, it felt as though there were not many people even though there were!
We took many photos at the respective photo zones before watching the Black Pig Show 😀

Black Pig Show

Directional Sign
Direction to the Black Pig Show called <Let’s play, Biack Pig>!
The park is really big so you need to follow the map carefully ????
There are maps on direction boards at various places, so please refer to the maps when you get lost!
Park Toilet
Interactive Area
The Black Pig Show runs every hour~!
To reach the Black Pig Show, you need to pass through the cave and the insect museum before you arrive at the venue !
Black Pig   Black Pig Show
You can watch black pigs sitting and flowing down the slides like this 😀
They climb the stairs dilligently before sliding down the water XD.
Although this is my guess, some pigs seemed scared, while the other pigs seemed to be having a lot of fun.
Goose  Goose 2
There were a lot of children as well!
The pigs appeared when we shouted “Let’s play, black pigs”. When the pigs were gone, ducks were the next! They came down swiftly while making quacking sounds.
Animal Food Carrot  Animal Food
You can come out to the front and give out carrots to the animals!
They sold carrots on a stand at 1,000 won each. We bought some and gave them to the pigs by ourselves! 😀
Natural Park Beared
On our way, we saw a guy who was selling ‘black pig breads’ wearing a cute, black pig costume as well. He was so cute that kids loved him so much!
Sheep   Pony
You can have a closer look at various animals after you finish watching the show.
Park Rabbit  Natural Park Rabbit
You can enter the rabbit hutch as well, so we gave the rabbits leftover carrots we bought from the stand!

Flower Festivals and Traditional Games

Cherry Blossom
Various flower festivals, such as Japanese apricot flower festival, hydrangea festival, and camellia garden festival are all held in Hueree Natural Park. You get to enjoy the view of seasonal, beautiful flowers.
Horse Area   Natural Park Horse Area
Moreover, the place provides many different experience programs, including seasonal programs such as mudfish catching, walking on volcanic pores, and tangerine picking as well as animal feeding and horse riding!
Cherry Blossom Tree
We were very lucky to visit this place in April, when cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere.
Children  Child
You can also enjoy traditional games here such as gulleongsoe (rolling-a-hoop game), tuho (arrows-throwing game), and jegichagi (Korean shuttlecock game).
Park Photo Zone   Photo Zone Selfie
You can make  great memories by taking photos at interesting photo zones all over the place 😀
Black Pig Statue   Pig Statue
It took almost 2 hours in total to look around the park and watch the Black Pig Show!
I felt like I experienced the genuine nature of Jeju<3
This is especially so for those who love animals and want to create amazing memories here, together with their children! 😀
Hydrangea Festival is usually held in May, so you should visit Jeju Hueree Natural Park around that period!
Why don’t you have a look of this beautiful place on a warm spring day~?
Hueree Natural Park
Location – 256 Shinryedong-ro, Namwon-eub, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju
Telephone – (+82) 64-732-2114