Jeju Black Pork in Seoul – Jangsuga

You must have heard about the famous ‘black pork’ of Jeju island.

Jeju pork is said to be the best quality and most delicious meat produced in Korea thanks to its unique breed of black pig found only in Jeju island, which also provides an unpolluted natural environment.

Since its limited amount of production and geographical restriction, Jeju pork is not commonly found in other parts of Korea instead of Jeju island, and always sells much more expensive than other ‘ordinary’ pork.

BUT no need to worry if you couldn’t visit Jeju, cause BnBHero has found this great Jeju pork grill in Seoul Jangsuga(장수가)Jangsuga has various locations in Seoul, and we visited one of them around Chungmuro, quite close to Myeongdong. 

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Chungmuro Location: 58-5, Chungmuro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Jangsuga’s fresh Jeju pork comes in large and very thick pieces of streaky and jowl, best parts for meat grill. The meat is in cold storage but not frozen so it won’t ruin the best taste, and it is always important for them to provide the freshest meat everyday.

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They do have a variety of menus including Korean army stew Budae Jjigae(부대찌개), and the price is quite reasonable for Jeju fresh pork (streaky & jowl) only cost you 13,000 won each share. 

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Same as all the other Korean restaurants, you get all these nice side dishes for FREE~ Even the Korean Doenjang Jjigae~

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Free side dishes

Photo 12-7-15, 21 07 40

Doenjang Jjigae

The pork would be carefully pre-cooked by the owner before serve because it’s just Too Thick and might easily get burnt if someone’s not very skillful at grilling meat. The half cooked meat shows a really delicious toasted surface with pinky color in the middle, and you will feel it much easier to slightly turn the cut pieces a little bit before they are all well done. 

Meat being pre-cooked, sorry for the poor light >< it was late night

Photo 12-7-15, 21 09 23

Photo 12-7-15, 21 09 48

The meat is soooo thick!

Photo 12-7-15, 21 10 05

Really soft and juicy meat

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Photo 12-7-15, 21 14 08

What makes the pork more special is Jangsuga’s salty anchovy sauce ‘Myeolchi Eakjeott'(멸치 액젓). Most Korean meat grills come with spicy garlic sauce or sesame oil, and this is the very first time, at least for me, to see this unique combination of pork and anchovy! Just be careful and don’t dip too much since the anchovy sauce is quite salty, then you are ready to enjoy they juicy grilled pork with a delicious fish taste.

Photo 12-7-15, 21 48 42

Salty anchovy sauce – the little red thing in the middle

Photo 12-7-15, 21 15 40

Photo 12-7-15, 21 20 46

Another rare ingredient of Jangsuga is their ‘mysterious herb’. It’s a special kind of herb grown only in Ulleung-do island, the second large tourist island of Korea. Being called ‘명이나물’, which means ‘prestigious doctor herb’ in Korean, this herb is believed to be very good to people’s health. 


Photo 12-7-15, 21 20 06

Meat wrapped with the special herb

Famous and quality fresh pork, special sauce, reasonable price, and healty!! I just can not think of a reason not to come back again lol!


~~~~Some other locations of Jangsuga~~~~

Samseong Location

Address: 16 Teheran-ro 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Konkuk Univ. Location

Address: 20 Achasan-ro 31-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Mapo Location

Address: 21 Samgae-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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