Family Day at Jeju Aqua Planet

Jeju Aqua Planet is a perfect indoor travel site for those with Children!

Did You Know? The Aqua Planet is in fact, the biggest Aquarium among domestic Aqua Planets placed in Il-san, Yeosu, Jeju, and 63 building in Seoul! We would highly recommend this place if you’re traveling Jeju with your children!


The Aqua Planet is an aquarium made by Hanwha company, to provide an opportunity to share the value of preserving marine life and enjoy the bond between human and nature!

Aqua Planet Jeju is right next to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak of East Jeju.
You can see Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak from Aqua Planet!
Opening Hours
Open throughout the year, 10:00am – 07:00pm
Ticketing Office closes at 05:50pm
Underwater Musical 11:10am / 01:00pm / 03:00pm / 05:00pm
Admission Fee
3 in 1 Ticket ( Aquarium + Ocean Arena + Marine Science ) : 34,000
3 in 1 Ticket + 3D Theater (Aquarium + Ocean Arena + Marine Science + 3D Theater) : ₩35,500
Special Ticket (Aquarium + 3D Theater + Marine Science) : ₩27,500

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There are a total of 3 different areas in Aqua Planet Jeju; Aquarium, Ocean Arena, and Marine Science.

Ocean Arena

First to be covered will be the Ocean Arena. Depending on the period of your visit, the place may get packed. Therefore, it is advisable to arrive slightly before the show timing to get a good seat!

For those of you who are new to Aqua Planet, you may want to note that Ocean Arena is divided into two segments.
In the first half, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful underwater musical performance “Finding Sena”. Following the musical performance, is the second half! During this section, there will be a small ecology presentation prepared to provide information on ecology and habits of sea lions and dolphins!

The sea animals appeared soon after the presentation!
You will be able to witness for yourselves the incredible speed dolphins can swim. The dolphins will also make a series of jumps and high-pitched squeaks! Needless to say, you will certainly leave in amazement if you watch the show.


Next stop: the Aquarium!

The suggested guide states that it takes almost an hour to look around the aquarium. However, during rainy days, you can expect a bigger crowd!

The first sight that will greet you is a school of small fish in a small tank! Check out the beautiful photo above.
The aquarium is the place that will interest you if you wish to see all the different species of fishes that you can usually find only in books!

Did You Know? We were told by one of the staff that the main aquarium can hold up to 10,800 tonnes of water. Putting that into perspective, that’s in fact about 4-5 Olympic pools!

The aquarium is also home to 48,000 marine life and plants, with about 500 species in exhibitions, displayed around the aquarium!

In the main tank itself, you get to see about 27,000 marine species. That is more than half of the total marine species in the aquarium! It is almost as though you are gazing at the ocean from the inside…

There were also many interesting marine creatures to be seen! Both children and adults alike were fascinated at the many exhibits.

Marine Science

The Marine Science area is the last section of the Aqua Planet. The Marine Science area operates like a mini-science centre. You will be able to learn about marine organisms and understand more about the seas, including the female divers unique to Jeju!

A Quick Glance

Aqua Planet is divided into three different floors.
In the basement, you will be able to find a gift shop, food court, and the Ocean Arena performance stage.
On the first floor, you will be able to locate a Beans and Berries Cafe which extends until the second floor. Also, on the second floor, you can expect to find the Kids Planet Exhibition Room, Convenience Store and ticketing office.

Beans & Berries (café)

If you are tired after the walk through the exhibits, you may take a rest at the café. The café sells a selection of snacks, in particular, ice cream with Churros!

Gift Shop

The souvenir shop is not a stop to be missed! The shop sells items such as plushy, clothes and even balloons. A shopper’s paradise, without a doubt.

Not to Be Missed (1): Indiway recommends visiting this tunnel in the Aquarium. You will be rewarded with an experience of being transported to a different world! A world under the sea with marine creatures swimming around your left, right and from above.
Not to Be Missed (2): Located on the second floor is a children experience center called Kids Planet! Inside Kids planet, there are many interactive exhibits and fun lessons! Here, you can expect to find a series of quizzes to test your knowledge, search for hidden marine organisms in the art sector, and enjoy a mini library filled with books about the sea.

This is a view of the biggest aquarium. Don’t you think it looks exactly like a real ocean?
Aqua Jeju, a perfect place to go with children! Indiway strongly recommends this place, especially on a rainy day
Aqua Planet Jeju
95 Seopjikoji-ro, Seongsan-eub, Seoguipo-shi, Jeju
Contact Info. – 064.780.0900

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