Japanese-style cute coffee shop – Moment coffee’s two stores introduce at a time!

Recently, the Japanese-style café is very popular in South Korea. The coffee shop introduced this time also has a Japanese-style literary sense, but even Japanese tourists come to Seoul to visit this place! What is the secret of success in opening a Japanese-style coffee shop in Korea? Come and get to know this store!

The coffee shop called Moment coffee, No. 1 shop is located on Yeontral Park in Yeonnam-dong, and then opened the second store near Exit 1 of Hongdae Station. Although they put the location of the two stores so close, but it is slightly different so that the guests of the two stores are also endless.


The No. 1 shop looks very inconspicuous from the outside, and it is even more surprising because there are only three tables with extremely small seats. Even so, there are many guests who are willing to wait in line, except for their signature smiley bread pattern. It also decorated many Japanese styles of things.






For the first time, we ordered two kinds of bread. Two of them are the most popular bread in Korea recently. One is a thick egg roll with bread and the other is called 앙버터 which is the bread with red bean paste and butter. The difference is that Their 앙버터 bread has added chestnuts! so can feel more Japanese flavor ~

Both breads are delicious, the egg rolls are a little bit sweeter in the Japanese style, don’t have to mention the 앙버터 bread, it is very delicious! The drink I also deliberately ordered a cup of matcha latte, wondering is their matcha latte is also good, and certainly did not disappoint me.




The newly opened No. 2 store is more spacious, and the decoration from the entrance of the store is also more brand-new than that of the No. 1 store. The door is made of wooden sliding doors, and the outdoor wooden seats are also placed in front of the door, then plus various types of pots. Do you feel it has a kind of modern Kyoto style?



In order to make more seats in the cafe, there is no complicated separation, only a simple placement, still using many small objects to make furnishings, compared to the No. 1 shop because there is more space, so the entrance can be seen recently sold some Cute things, but the real feature of the No. 2 store is that there are many meals not served in the No. 1 shop, such as Japanese-style fried noodle bread, and the most popular toast.




The toast will be accompanied by a lot of sauces to be eaten together. The machines used for the toast will also be sent together, so that customers can enjoy the fun of DIY themselves, and they can adjust the degree of baking.





The two branches seem to be the same style, but they are slightly different. See which ones you like better. If you have the chance to come to Seoul, you must try their bread and won’t disappoint everyone!

Moment coffee No.1(모멘트커피1호점)
🍽 : Weekdays 10:00 – 21:00 Sunday 10:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday
🏠 : 30, Yanghwa-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Moment coffee No.2(모멘트커피2호점)
🍽 : 10:00 – 22:00
🏠 : 29, World Cup buk-ro 4-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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