Japanese-style cafes ‘Motto’ in the Itaewon area

Recently, there are many Japanese-style cafes in Korea. ‘Motto’ is one of the most famous ones. This small cafe is located in the quiet district of Hannam-dong in the Itaewon area. Hannan-dong has many cafés with excellent atmosphere. To attract more customers to the cafe not only by offering delicious food, but also by providing a nice and comfy space for them.

The decorating style of here is based on a white wall and decorated with wood, like the wooden table and chair. Comfortable cushions and pillows will also be placed on the seats. looks very comfortable. Suitable for afternoon tea or chatting with friends in here.

There are a lot of small ideas in the store, which are carefully decorated by the manager. The cute little dolls are beautifully decorated with small flowers. Every corner can’t help but take a few more photos.
Besides drinks, there also sell many handmade desserts. such as brownies, scones, matcha cakes and handmade biscuits as well as handmade jams made with fresh apples and peaches! want to try each one.
Their most popular menu is the egg rolls bread that has been popular in Korea recently. The egg rolls are very beautiful and thick, The taste is a little sweet-salty, super delicious, and is very Japanese style.
Also very popular is this Japanese dango! Compared to other shop with a variety of different flavors, Motto only sells two flavors for one set.
It’s Matcha with red bean and soy sauce with soy flour, the taste of the soy sauce is a little bit salty, but it matches soy flour. The matcha tastes not very strong,  but the red bean paste is not too sweet so delicious!  recommend!

🍽 : 11:00-20:00 Closed on Monday
🏠 : 47, Hannam-daero 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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