[Accommodation Highlight] Itaewon center (2 minutes from Itaewon) house located


Our house is located in Seoul’s international marketsLocated in the center of Itaewon.(2 minutes from Itaewon Station Exit 1, Airport Limo 2.5 minutes)All products and clean room, clean up and is3-4 people are cheap and comfortable ballin.Itaewon selling food around the world and there are many restaurants and cafesWhether in English or in other languages, some shops can talk to theEasy to buy things in stores.In addition, tourist attractions located in Seoul (Jongno, Anguk, blue streams, Myeong-dong, Gangnam, etc.)Metro can be reached in 15 minutes using also the hub of the transportation.One is always friendly and good communication with theDelightfully warm heart of Seoul with the beginning and end of the trip can beLet us help you.Come much ~ ^ 0 ^■ Transportation (Transportation)▶ Incheon Airport to accommodation○ Incheon International Airport Railroad ㅡ> Gongdeok ㅡ> Transit Subway Line 9 (5-minute walk from Itaewon)○ Incheon Airport Limousine (6001, 6030) Itaewon Station (Station 2.5 min.)▶ downtown traffic○ hongdaeyeok: Itaewon -> dowels (transfer to Line 2) -> Hongik University (22 minutes)○ Apgujeong: Itaewon (Subway Line 6) -> divisor (Transit Line 3) -> Apgujeong (20 minutes)○ City Hall: Itaewon (Subway Line 6) -> Triangle (Transit Subway Line 4) -> Seoul Station (Subway Line 1) -> Town Hall (24 minutes)○ Myeongdong: Itaewon (Subway Line 6) -> Triangle (transfer to Metro Line 4) -> Myeong-dong (18 min.)○ Dongdaemun: Itaewon (Subway Line 6) -> East Cemetery (Transit Subway Line 4) -> Dongdaemun (19 minutes)○ Shinsa boulevard (GBD): Itaewon (Subway Line 6) -> divisor (Transit Line 3) -> Shrine (23 minutes)■ amenities nearby (convenient facilities)Downtown is located one minute from cultures around the world at a time, you can chaeheom.Gangnam in Seoul heating up with distance.○ Markets○ Restaurants○ Bars○ Cafes○ Theatres○ Galleries○ Convenience stores○ Club

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