Itaewon Antique & Vintage Festival

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~~~ ITAEWON Antique & Vintage Festival ~~~

Wanna make your home warmer by some stylish new items before the winter comes? BnBHero just found the exact place you should visit – Itaewon Antique Furniture Street!!!

Iteawon, Seoul, is well known for its exotic style. And there’s special street call ‘Antique Furniture Street’ in Iteawon area, where is full of antique stores.

File 10-18-15, 5 29 20 PM

This year’s Itaewon Antique & Vintage Festival is held by Itaewon Antiques Furniture Association, and will last for 3 days from Oct. 23 (Fri.) ~ 25 (Sun.),  11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Don’t miss the chance if you want to catch a glance of the beauty of this exotic antique festival or maybe get a good deal as well~

To find where it is, just go out of Seoul Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station Exit #3 or #4, walk straight right into a small street, keep walking till you see it!

File 10-18-15, 5 59 25 PM

No.3 in the map – Itaewon Antique Furniture Street

Almost every shop is participating in the festival, and special booths are also arranged for the owners to show their best collections! It’s not hard to image how busy that weekend gonna be!

File 10-18-15, 5 29 06 PM

Poster of this year’s Itaewon Antique & Vintage Festival

The Itaewon Antique Furniture Street was firstly formed in the 1960s when North American soliders stationed in Yongsan base sold their old furniture before returning back to the States. That’s also why most stores at the Antique Furniture Street have collections of particular Western style items of the time, which is quite rare to be seen in Korea.

File 10-18-15, 5 40 30 PM  File 10-18-15, 5 58 14 PM

File 10-18-15, 5 58 33 PM

Vintage, and European style furniture 

And now the area has grown even larger, with shops of not only furniture, but also tableware, decoration textile,  old appliances, clothes, clocks, and all other interior items from all over the world. The Antique Furniture Street is not just a common marketplace anymore, but becoming one of the popular sightseeing spots of Seoul.

File 10-18-15, 5 56 19 PM

File 10-18-15, 5 56 33 PM  File 10-18-15, 5 57 34 PM

Old Papers and Maps

File 10-18-15, 5 32 56 PM

Exquisite Tableware

File 10-18-15, 5 33 31 PM

Clocks, Paintings…

File 10-18-15, 5 33 11 PM  File 10-18-15, 5 32 06 PM

And basically anything!!

File 10-18-15, 5 35 10 PM

Really vintage Coca-Cola Machine

File 10-18-15, 5 35 28 PM

What’s the concept of this? I just didn’t get it… Cool…

The street is best for sightseeing not only because those stylish items, the stores themselves are expressing something different from others as well. A small street, but with a whole new world inside~

File 10-18-15, 5 31 32 PM

File 10-18-15, 5 57 56 PM

If you don’t really have any plans for the weekend, why not come take a little walk along this not very long street~ I believe there must be much more to see especially during the festival period! And maybe some nice stuffs are right there waiting for you to take them home ^^

File 10-18-15, 5 29 41 PM

File 10-18-15, 5 29 53 PM  File 10-18-15, 5 30 16 PM

File 10-18-15, 5 31 47 PM


Official Website of 2015 Itaewon Antique & Vintage Festival:

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