Introducing Themed Cafe in Korea

How many of you guys find out there’s alot of different theme cafe in Korea??
Such as Hello Kitty Cafe, Charlie Brown Cafe, Dog Cafe, Cat Cafe and etc.
So today we gonna introduce some special Cafe to all Korea or Cafe lover out there..

1.  또옹카페 [Poop Cafe]
In Poop Cafe you are treated with variety of toilet-themed treats and invited to take a seat and enjoy the variety of poop-themed decorations and the space has a very casual, relaxed earthy – from plushes, plant pots, post-its and shelves stuffed with cutesy coils. And huge Poop drawing on the wall. Besides that in this cafe the serving plates, bowl, cups and etc are in cute shape of toilet bowl.


How to get there?
Anguk station exit 6 and Walk through Insadong culture street and enter the Samziegil outdoor shopping mall.  The cafe is located at the top floor next to the poo bread stall.

2. Needle Story (바늘이야기)
Needle Story is a yarn store with a theme coffee shop upstairs where you can get drinks and desserts! It is where people can post tutorials, lessons, reviews, forum competitions, and share information with each other. The place is decorated with a display section, a learning section and a book section where you can get books to help you learn how to knit. TWhich the books published in Korea and  USA.

How to get there?
Ewha Woman’s University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 6.
– Walk straight from the exit (west) for 150 m.


3. Get & Show Cafe (겟엔쇼 카페)
Get & Show Cafe is a Lego theme dessert cafe, one of the branches by Bricks Korea.
The shop is easy to spot, as the giant Lego man above the door and giant Lego characters in the display window make it hard to miss. You can rent Lego kits for 4,500 won for 30 minutes, and each additional minute is charged at 150 won.
Inside the store, customers get to browse a vast collection of Lego merchandise, including castles and houses adorned with various Lego characters. This makes the experience a lot more fun.

How to get there?
Hapjeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 6) Exit 5.
– Take your first right from the exit down the side road.
– Follow it about 200 m and turn left (northeast). Walk about 90 more meters.

Web2: http://

4. Cafe Drama: Dress Cafe (카페 드라마)
Dress Cafes are the perfect theme cafes for girly girls. Just like most of the cafes on this list, you order an obligatory drink and sit down and relax. The fun stuff starts when you let that elementary schoolgirl princess in you to come out! They have more than 100 pieces of dresses and costumes in the closet. At dress cafes, you get to pick and choose the dress you’ve always wanted to wear. Rentals range from 15,000 won to 40,000 won per hour.

How to get there?

Ewha Women’s University, Line 2, Exit 3. Walk straight for two blocks and turn right at the Juno Hair building. Walk a little further and Princess Diary Cafe will be on your right.


*Credit to All picture are taken from online(google)

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