Introducing Stylenanda- a must visit brand!

24 hours in Seoul? Visit a Stylenanda Store! 

Stylenanda is the name of a very popular Korean brand with a very distinctive style. They carry casual, formal, unique, edgy clothing for women as well as a line of makeup, and have very beautiful models with a specific “stylenanda” look and feel that you will start to recognize!


Images courtesy of the Stylenanda Store 

The CEO and brain behind Stylenanda is So-Hee Kim, who started the brand in 2005.

Within the Stylenanda umbrella, there are many distinctive sub-brands.

3 CONCEPT EYES is the name of the cosmetics line, a very popular brand with Korean women. They almost always have high quality products in the shades that are in fashion, and are very wearable, easy to use, but also affordable. With the distinctive packaging they also make great presents and souvenirs for your female friends!

NANDA MADE is a sub-brand inside Stylenanda that is characterized by the waifish Korean look: black slim pants and a little but chunky, oversized garments in bright hues meant to emphasize the slim nature of an asian build, but also can be flattering on more voluptuous forms!


Although the flagship store in Hongdae is a must visit destination because it is a three storey building dedicated to the brand with a free photo booth for you to take photos, there are many Stylenanda outlets you can visit throughout Korea!

Click HERE for store locations!


Although this is a great brand because you can buy the clothes online, there is something extra special about being able to try on the clothing and see the correct sizing in person!

The makeup collection is also incredible, so be sure to visit the store and see what they have! We love the fact that the makeup artists are EXPERTS at putting on makeup Korean style, so be sure to ask them for tips and advice!

Photos from Naver  


The Stylenanda models have a very distinctive style- and are very beautiful! We love looking through the website and getting inspired by Korean fashion!


Photos Courtesy of Angeljuice

For more information on Stylenanda, visit their:

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So what do you think about Stylenanda?

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