Introducing a new kind of food – It’s called Albab (알밥) !!

Actually in Korea there variety food we can try when travelling here such as Cheese Ribs, Cheese Carbonara Tteokbbokki and etc (☆_☆)

But today I’m gonna introduce new kind of food in Korea called Albap (알밥) is actually a Korean hot bowl rice dish that consists of various vegetables and fish roe and/or caviar. Or it can be said as fish-roe kind of bibimAlbap.  [ It is still ‘bibim’ which means mixing but it comes with ‘al’ which means egg (in this case – fish egg) ] By the way, Alchon is famous among university students because many Alchon restaurants has been quite strategically located near university area.

The shop that I visited near EHwa Woman University. The shop name called “Alchon”
How the shop look like.. The shop is quite crowded with people during lunch time!!

The side dish are self-services where you can eat as much as you like..
side dish such as pickles, kimchi, corn soup and etc.(≧∇≦)

In Albab there’s 4  different spiciness by level:

순 (soon) – 순한맛- mild 
약 (yak) –  약한 매운맛 – mild spicy
매 (mae) – 매콤한 맛 – spicy
진 (jin) – 진짜 매운맛 – really spicy

p.s: My recommendation to people who cant really eat spicy food go for “순 (soon) – 순한맛- mild ”
and to people who able to eat spicy go for “약 (yak) –  약한 매운맛 – mild spicy or 매 (mae) – 매콤한 맛 – spicy”

The price is quite reasonable and only cost 3,500 won!!  per bowl + ( side dishes + soup + water ) If you add cheese – it will be 4,000 won!!
No Joke with side dishes It’s really fulling your stomach!!

In addition they do also sell pasta, noodle, beef bibimbap and so on. But usually people who went there usually will order there their main dishe “Alchonbab or albab”

If you are a Muslim, you have to remind them to remove the ham or meat from the meal.
햄 하고 고기를 빼 주세요 [Ham hago gogi rel pe juseyo.]

Address: Seodaemun-gu, Seoul City, Da Nang address dong 56-57
How to go: Ewha Woman’s University Station Line 2 [Exit 3] and go to the main entrance of the direction of Ehwa Woman’s University for about 3 minutes, and you will see OLIVE YOUNG on your left and turn into the alley on the left side walk about 1 minute, ALCHON on the right
Telephone 02-1661-1907
Hours 9:00 a.m.-9: 00 p.m.

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