Instagrammable Cafe in Seoul- Cafe beambalm in Hongdae


There are lots of cafes in Seoul which are pretty and unique, and therefore visiting these cafes is one of the must do thing when coming to Seoul! Not only you can take pretty photos, grad a cup of coffee, you can also relax and enjoy an afternoon with you friends and families here. 

One of the popular instagrammable cafe among Koreans is Cafe beambalm. The nearest subway station to Cafe Beambalm is Sangsu Station (Seoul Subway Line 6). But you can also walk from Hongdae as it is just about 20 minutes walk.

It is famous for its gorgeous, elegant interior! The area of the cafe is quite big and each table has a different decorations! All of them are unique and brilliant and you can definitely take lots of photos in here!

Because of its magnificent decorations, TWICE’s ‘Likey’ Album photos was shot in Cafe Beambalm! If you are TWICE fans, you must not miss this cafe when you come to Seoul!

A background that changes about every 5-15minutes! You can take really beautiful photos with these great backgrounds!

There are various kind of drinks and breads.


Cafe Beambalm

Address: 333-1 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. 

Directions: Exit 4 of Sangsu Station, Line 6

Hours: 12:00-22:00 (closed on Monday)


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