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Must visit destination in Insadong!

Previously we have already posted on the wonders and attraction of Insadong, but today we thought we could focus on an amazing shopping destination called Ssamziegil inside this beautifully arts and crafts neighborhood! It has a very distinctive logo and facade that we think you will recognize from photos of Seoul, and is also one of our favorite places to buy some souvenirs!

Google Map Location of Ssamziegil

Ssamzi-gil opened in 2004 and is a very iconic building because it is a large square shaped building right on the main walking street of Insadong! Insadong is famous for it’s small little nooks and crannies full of unusual and exciting antique stores, galleries, clothing stores with just enough tradition to make it a must visit destination in Seoul.

Ssamziegil continues the traditions but does it in a more unusual and exciting manner- it is a rectangle “shopping mall” with gentle sloping pathways that naturally make an incline up to the top, and is filled with lots of tiny little stores! There is a variety from traditional arts and crafts, culture, but also slightly more unusual, modern accessories, items, and souvenirs!

What makes Ssamziegil more amazing is all the photo opportunities! Although there is a tiny elevator hiding in the corner (it is actually hiding INSIDE a jewelry store!) the pathways and stairs have a lot of art displayed as you walk up! In fact, at the way top there is even a romantic area where you can leave your loved one letters for your next visit to Korea!

Ssamziegil has over 70 small stores, so we are sure you will find something that speaks to you! Whether it is modern or traditional, big or small, we love the stores here!

Floor Guide

First Floor: the twelve workshops are actually the original stores that existed before Ssamziegil was built! It is the perfect example of how old Korea and modern Korea have come together!

Second Floor: there are a lot of handicraft items, from traditional souvenirs to more modern creations by young and creative Korean students.

Third Floor: The items here range more towards clothing and fashion accessories, so think small, amazing souvenirs to take home for yourself!

Fourth Floor: The fourth floor features a Sky Garden, Gallery Sum, crafts exhibition hall, Galpi book cafe, and other places to rest.

Let’s visit Ssamziegil together today!

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